another photoshop e experiment. i like it. it's a little out there for some...but i like the edgy about it. i should have grunged the edges a bit, and may go back and do so.
the day was smoother than yesterday. i got busy on a phone call for the homeschool network and did not get to a couple of subjects here and there. the kids were so very engaged together, i hate to take that from them at times. so we shifted some things to the afternoon. it was all good.
the home ed group is meeting this friday to sort out the next season. the lady heading up the group last spring has stepped down, and so...a vacuum was created. at first, reluctantly, i thought to be apart of heading it up. after time and prayer and thought i seem led to move forward and see how i can serve. so i am now in the midst of creating a calendar, looking for projects for the kids, deciding on networking with a great lady who doesn't know what she is doing either, so we are onto a new chapter in this career.'s all good. life can often take you places you have never been before, and without faith would never go.


  1. Very nice photo. I am excited to see what the Photoshop will do when I visit. You are getting so creative with the pics. I don't think it is too much at all.

    Blessed are the flexible no? You had something come up, let the kids play and then got back on track later. Good for you. You "let it go" ... wohoo.

    OK, a small word "no" might be your school lesson for this year. You say you have so much and then you take on something else. You know your situation better than anyone but seems the plate is full.

  2. i do have so much. i sort of look at that as a blessing. there are needs in this community i dwell. i actually don't think i do a whole lot. there are many people doing far more than i. i would like to think that i chose my busy purposefully and not just because it is too hard to say no. i know how to say no, and have said no many times this year. but i also have to be sensitive to the nudges from the h.s. as a matter of fact, i just took another thing on new just today...but i will opt out if that committment gets greater than what i am capable.