what can i say?


it has been crazy around here. been sewing my brains out trying to get the older two girls pilgrims costumes ready for club last night...it was a labor of love...but i will be glad when i am smarter than the pattern. i learned alot, and that is what i am holding on to validate all my mistakes. the girls had a great time and now the things we talked and discussed this month about the first pilgrims landing at plymouth will hopefully stick and give them a foundation on what started this whole crazy country we call home.
paul has been dead-dog sick since thanksgiving evening. it came on all of a sudden. some weird viral stomach flu is traveling around. of course he had to work black friday, and then also saturday. he got home a bit early on sat night and crashed hard. i think he slept all day on sunday. i was about ready to go check that he was still breathing. and then....he called in sick on monday!!! okay, that is how sick he was. he has never called in sick with bed bath in the eight years he has been with the company. i think it is a badge of honor for him. only just last night did he feel normal again. but now tonight, he fights a sore throat and very tired again. hmm...
and i think i have hit my wall. very tired tonight. the sewing until 2 a.m. has finally kicked my butt. i want to get thanksgiving documented and journaled and all before it's actually christmas. plus there is a bucket load of gifts to wrap and still need to finish advent box project {thank you ali e for your inspiration} looking forward to seeing my idea play out, especially the daily somethings we will do that will be inside of the box. everyday after the kids read our daily something, they hang the box {mine are actually an ornament} on our advent tree and watch the days tick by.
i actually need/want to post pics of my fall projects which i loved having around this year. when not so tired...will post...

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