and the winner is....


Nicole said...
wow 100 posts on WT. I love that place. you HAVE to play desperate traders next time, that will definitely up your post count!

As far as birthday traditions, ever since we were young my parents have let us choose what we want for dinner on our birthdays. when we were younger it was always pizza or some kind of "junk" food like dinner. but now that we are older and out of the house(and yes at 27 with a family of my own my mom still does this) we always want mom's home cooking. This is something I plan to carry on with my son once he gets bigger

thanks ladies for playing and visiting. i have enjoyed reading your comments.
nicole if you could simply email me your address i will get your rak sent out on tuesday...thanks:

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  1. Thanks Jamie

    I received the RAK yesterday and it was AWESOME! I loved the little tag you made too. Very cute! Can't wait to use all the goodies :)