my girls went to their cousins birthday party yesterday. they went green. well, their gifts were fairly green (besides the fact that they gave her money...hee hee...little bit of pun there). anyway, their gifts were packaged in recycled containers. not sure if their cousin appreciated the cleverness of it all, but my girls thought it was a lot of fun.

the heart on the left was easy. it is a tin from brighton. i changed up the insert a little inside, cute two slits in it, and the bills slipped in place within the slits. plus now she has a cute little tin for her jewelry or what nots. (if she's like my girls, there are alot of what nots around).

the middle little box is simply a match box. wrapped it in paper, with a ribbon around to hold it together. the ribbon slips off to open the box and find the moola.

the clam shell packaging on the right is an idea i saw on two peas a while ago. the backing was already gone, so i used some patterned cardstock, cut down to size. took another patterned piece of paper and paper punched it to the scallop square shape and attached to the front. added a punched flower and epoxy sticker. we rolled up the bills and tied a ribbon around those and adhered them inside behind the scallop square. then we slid the cardstock into the back, and added ribbon to the top...and it was done.

thanks for stopping hearing from you.

have a wonderful thursday.


  1. she did LOVE it! I loved it! Very sweet and clever!

  2. You are so creative!
    These are so cute!
    I am sure they loved them!

  3. OMGosh, these are soooo cute and what great ideas! TFS...