teacher appreciation month


Even though we homeschool, there are lots of end of the year occasions for teacher appreciation. My kids are in plays, enrichment classes, and clubs with all the end of the year ceremony that goes along with that. And since it is indeed teacher appreciation month, I want to share this week some of the gifts we give.
I HAVE to make the gift, or at least part of the gift. Just the way I’m built. Sometimes that gets a little crazy, but it’s the way I like it. One really simple idea to help with all the cookie bringing to different occasions is to make up several batches of snickerdoodles ahead of time and stick them in the freezer. So now I just grab a dozen or two, tuck them into a disposable bread tin, wrap them up, and we are good to go.

This simple gift was inspired by a digital kit over at House of 3. Using the House Warming List kit, I printed up the 'shop' list, used this notebook adhesive and glued the top to make a pad. (A small tutorial on the subject). Super easy, super fun. Found the take out box at Hobby Lobby, modified it a bit. Filled with basket filler, chocolate kisses, wrapped pad in tulle, and off we go. There are more than just the 'shop' list, so you could make more than one pad.
Fun gifts to give and thank those hard working teachers.
More tomorrow...

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