welcome december


hello friends and greetings to december.
along about august i start to cringe as to how close christmas is at that time. i begin to dread it. the celebration of the birth of our LORD? no, that is not what i dread. rather all the preparation that tends to fall on the domestic goddess of the household. that's me. that's you. well, maybe you don't think that way, but i am merely be honest here.
however, by the time the season actually changes, and the kitchen gets crankin' before thanksgiving with all the yummy smells and tastes that are inevitable, well, then i get in the mood. plus, this year i decided to get my act in gear and REALLY have my shopping done by the end of november. and accept for one teensy, winsy little thing, that is in deed a reality for me. yea me!
so, tonight after the kiddos are in bed, i put up the advent boxes, which are already filled with the months activities. and they wake tomorrow to a wall full of 24 boxes and then the celebration really begins.
the rest of the month then is filled with handmaking the handmades. and picking up stocking stuffers. getting distant packages shipped in a timely manner. making some ornaments. getting on the floor with the kids and reading all our wonderful books we save for this time of year. baking up a storm. maybe even scrapping.

but first, one look back at our time at thanksgiving.

in the busy-ness of the day we usually forget to have a family photo taken. my sister granted us this one real quick.

mr. pate. stayed busy in the kitchen. he's nice that way.

getting this girl to give up one of her sweet smiles is next to impossible. but i take what i can get and always love it.

my little pilgrim girl. she insisted on wearing this today. who can resist.

a simple thanksgiving table at my mom's house.

my sister and my cousins. we always end up in the kitchen.

simply could not keep these two away from the food. can ya blame them?

game on!
i pray your thanksgiving was a wonderful gathering.
time to turn our focus to christmas. wishing you a merry one.


  1. Hi Jamie!
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful family photos!
    Love your honesty and your new banner ;-)

  2. Sounds like you are way ahead of the game already! Thank you for sharing your family time :D