i love lists


on one of my bulletin boards is a list that has been in use for about 10 years now. it's called the DAILY CHECKLIST:: principles of planning and good work habits.

i do not look at this list everyday.

it is more or less a guiding light.

because i do not follow the list everyday.

but it's there.

to remind me.

that i have a list.

and when i work the list (and not the list work me), life is a tad more proactive and a smidge less hectic.

so...i share this vintage list with you.

*get up on time (i will save the editorial comments for some other day...)

*family dressed/groomed by 8

*every room picked up (5 min before beginning projects)

*made a to do list and worked from it during the day

*dinner decided before 10

*our meals contained servings from all basic food groups

*schedule did not become more important than my family

*did not over plan and get frustrated (argh!)

*dinner served at appropriate time

*listened to my children (smile)

*the children helped me in some way with the care of our home

*gave more praise than criticism

*before meal prep, counter and work space cleaned and cleared

I think now I want to create a layout about this list. Just because I love lists!