sewing mends

you know why trish's march kit has been so fabulous for me if you follow this blog at all...yeah! it's the sewing theme. a current creative passion of mine right now. itching to get to the fabric store and pick out the girls patterns and such for easter frocks. having had such fun with the bags...and more of those to come...i need to really sink my teeth into another project or two. good thing those olympics are over...they were taking up precious sewing time.

sewing does indeed mend the soul. when i discovered that quote, i was struck by it's truth for me. concentrated time focusing on others, usually. i find myself praying for others as they come to mind in the quiet of the work. not to mention how tickled the girlies get that my activity usually involves something for them. and yes...i have not forgotten my projects for baby #5...that too will evolve with time.

as shared before, i was recently challenged with what fills me up. what rejuvenates my heart, soul, my mind. i have really been thinking of that lately. sewing, strangely enough, is one of 'those' things for me. plenty of you are thinking i'm whacked, as the task of thread and needle only causes you frustration. but still. even for need to find that thing that fills you up too. really. you do. would love to hear what those things are.

along with gathering inspiration and supplies for sewing, i have been purging like nobody's business. not without good results, however.
but more about that later.

good day, friends!

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  1. Lovely, lovely page Jamie! Everything pleases me about it! :D Happy sewing!