embracing today


i have to say...it's been a little tough to embrace life. because life has just been very, very hard. when my husband called to wish me a happy anniversary today, i returned with "shouldn't there be a question mark at the end of that?"
he says: "anniversary!".
at least we can laugh at it. because if we did not laugh, we would cry. o.k...so there has been a little of that going on too...but i digress...

when there is a pumpkin in the house as cute is this little mr., who can cry? he makes me smile all the time. he makes anyone smile who meets him. now that's a way to win friends and influence people.

hoping you are embracing today!


  1. Beautiful photograph, A treasure! Jana at www.adoctorandanurse.com

  2. Awwww, what a cute little drooly face :)

  3. CUTE! That drool and those cheeks are ppure perfection. Yeah, who can cry when you have such a blessing in your arms?

  4. Amazing shot...I was there when you said you got it, but didn't see it until now...too darn yummy...you are pretty cute yourself! Love Ya Bud!