fall around the house


Fall ushers in the real decorating around the house. It just seems the season to change everything up and make a statement about a change in the weather, in the schedule, in the focus of life. Summer is not as structured around here. Whether it's our routine, or the statement in the house. It is just a casual time. But the routine really takes a shift here in September. And the house reflects that. It helps my state of mind in many ways to decorate more specifically. While the outside world is blazed in beauty, it will soon all dry up and the colors will disappear. But the house will still celebrate the fall colors, and will segue into the holiday of Thanksgiving. November 30 that all changes as we make our shift to Christmas. I have a theory :: I call it the Garden of Eden theory. We women, especially, are ever attempting to return to the Garden of Eden, and do so by pursing beauty in our lives. It is always more complete when my heart too is a source of beauty, and not just my home.

I just wanted to share a humble little tour of my home. Nothing spectacular by any means. I mean, Better Homes won't be showing up on my door step anytime soon. But we call it home. And I for one am ever so thankful we have a place to call home, be it ever so humble.

This piece goes way back. I enjoy putting these seasonal collages together. A personal touch. Makes me want to go and make more.

My bestest friend (the one flying in on Friday) made this for me probably about two decades ago. The creative girl made this for my home. I love it so much.

Would love to have you join me for pumpkin-chocolate chip bread, coffee, and chit-chat. But for now, the blogging world will have to make do.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. i love the seasonal collage...i want to make one right now :) that bread makes me want to bake too...i'm not much for decorating, but yours looks so nice, you may change me!

  2. You had me hunting down that bread recipe! Yum! Happy fall - your home touches look quite lovely.

  3. thank you for having me in your home! It's very cozy and inviting.