it's taking me a while.
too long in fact.
i was asked recently what delights me.
what delights you?

i fear the answer too long has been..."i don't know".
far too long in fact i have denied myself what delights me.

this is deeper than asking me 'what do you want?
delight reaches to the soul.

de·light [di lite]
n (plural de·lights)
1. joy: great enjoyment and pleasure

To my delight, he accepted.

to my delight i need to accept more of that which brings delight.  

i delight in beauty.
i delight in photos that render emotion.
i delight in texture.
i delight in color that calms and soothes.
i delight, indeed, with a project that causes me great delight in the process..
and then i delight in the completion.

this 'true beauty' mini album was created using the november work in progress project kit.

the pages cascade on top of the other. it allows for texture and color to peek through from underneath adding interest to the mini book.
the foundation started with the 6x6 My Mind's Eye patterned papers.
a wallet size photo was added.
layers of tags, mini flags, seam binding, and little bags was added at random.
and the theme  "the beauty of"...was added to most pages.
finding the simplicity of beauty in the face of a baby.
of brother and brother.
time in the back country...
and more...

watch for my post this month over at work in progress for the rest of the mini book.

hoping you delight in your day.


  1. It is delightful! :)
    Love your new blog header too!

  2. OH my this is just one stunner of a project!!!!!!!

  3. So very beautiful! I just love all your inspiration and gosh you have so much talent!! xoxo

  4. Your post is absolutely delightful!
    I see that you have worked with one of my all-time favorite collection of papers ;-)
    Can't wait to see more!

    Thank you Sweetie

  5. I absolutely can't WAIT To see the rest of your post on WIP kit this month. This mini is so classically gorgeous!!!!! woWser!

  6. This is gorgeous!!! I love the dimension, the layers and the colors! You always come up with the fanciest mini albums!!!