project life ~ week.nine.


welcome to project life ~ week.nine.

I would have to be honest and say I have dropped off a little in my excitement for pL.
well...that is until I got to work on the week's story.
When one enters creativity, creativity begins.
And so that is a habit I continue to cultivate in my life...
the one of entering into a project even when I don't 'feel' like it.

March brings with it a new series of week/date journal block.
I dove into the Spring Circus kits by RhonnaDESIGNS on this one and am having a fabulous time creating theses blocks.

There are smatterings of Spring Circus used throughout the week.
As well as date spots and journaling cards from...well...I lost who they were from. But they were free. When I find the proper credit I will update that information...yikes!
(if you knew what conditions i was working in right would just plain feel sorry for me.)

I still love how Trish over at WIPkits does her thematic pages.
Our book  simply highlights the weeks happenings. gifts. events. traditions. the simple everyday.
Page one will always have the toddler boy's pic of the week at the top.
This week also included a funny one of him eating berry coffee cake and
Also Mr. Pate's ever amazing sunday menu.
The oldest girl and her phase II-part II of braces. (have i ever shared we always have no less than two children with ortho work happening? am i getting the pity yet?)
oh...and the fabulous opportunity to hear Eric Metaxas speak and my Dad having his book signed.

A look at page two...
I continue to use stash of patterned cardststock to mat the pockets with. Really enjoying making each pocket it's own little layout.
Also included some word art recently included in a WIPkit. Love how they add a bit of what I am thinking at this point in my life. Trish is great about including these every once in a while in her kits. I love them in my pL.

Often I am finding when I have not planned journaling space well, I just write on the photo. Adds to the eclectic and 'scrappy' feel of the page.

Thanks so much for your visit.
Hope the rest of your week is fab!


  1. Well, for not feeling it, you sure did a lovely job Miss Jamie!!! :D Love the colors of this week's spread!

  2. Love the softness and romantic feel of this weeks pages. Those roses and paper is beautiful!