random thoughts on creativity


I am mostly influenced to utilize this blog as a place that inspires creativity.
that it is a source of inspiration.
a place that instills a desire for beauty in one's life.

but sometimes i get distracted.
and i have been just that.
finding resistance.
entangled in disappointments.

and sometimes i feel compelled to share those realities.

I have set standards for myself that I am just not meeting.
Not because I am on my sofa eating bon-bons and watching soap operas.
No. That would not be the case.
Rather, because there are many other priorities in my life.
And finding the creative time to stay in the mix can very often be it's own challenge.

So then I start complaining.
I say things like 'life gets in the way'.
Or 'I don't have a laptop to be mobile and creative'.
Or 'I am so tired'.
And then in my head I hear: "any excuse will do."

Ali Edwards Week Eleven Newsletter talks about this.
She challenges the notion of 'showing up'.

I know sometimes we creatives hit the street of 'blahs' now and then.
But it really effects us deep when we do not stay motivated and active and creative and productive.
And then...
it effects those around us.
Interpersonal relationships can be off kilter.
Or am I the only one who goes through this?

When my heart finally comes back around to logical thinking, I remember that I in fact have control as to whether I am in the process or not.
Whether or not I will show up or not.
Whether I will be inspired by multiple projects or be discouraged by them.

I have control over whether I am going to control my schedule, or let it control me.
I have control over stopping and getting outside, or to a museum, or to the movies.
(all these challenges from Ali E's 6 Ideas To Keep the Creativity Flowing).

I also have control to know when to say that it's simply time to rest.

But alas, now is not the time for me to rest.
Now is the time for me to pay attention to what is around me.
And do the absolute best with what I have...
To maintain balance and recognition of what needs to be nurtured
to show up...
and be sure to be my most awesome self in every situation.
Which then feeds my creative time and brings me much joy and happiness. 
(it's a loop of one aspect feeding another.)

Which also fuels and energizes those around me.
And that is how we all like it best.

 (edited to add:: it's been a few days between writing this and posting the same. Have made it a point to be out of doors with my kiddos this week, and we have...a lot. Mr. Pate is gone for the week and it is giving me time and opportunity to think and show up and pay attention to some of my dreams during this time. All good things. Thank you for letting me share with you.)


  1. Thanks for sharing, Jamie. I can relate SO MUCH! We do need more hours in a day or the ability to stop sleeping:-)
    I want you to know, I am grateful for every creative project you post here, for your gorgeous photography and elegant styling. It is a blog I love to read - but your family is far more important:-) I really understand that... so take your time... I am sure we`ll wait for you - because your are super creative and inspiring!

  2. I hope you find that balance between life, family and creativity. I know it is hard when you have a house to run, children to raise, to be a wife, mother, friend and still make time for yourself. I find that just going outside and doing things with the kids puts me a better frame of mind and then I feel the energy and inspiration to do something creative. Having said that, I can't remember the last time I felt like sitting down to make something, I want to, I just can't seem to get there! (I hate that!) Always love your blog and your thoughts.

  3. love this post.
    we all go through it but sometimes it helps to know you aren't alone...you know what i mean??

    i love your picture frame...so pretty!