art of observation. the love project.


This is week six of Heidi Swapp's Art of Observation class.
This is the week I call the "love project"
The prompt was to utilize the idea behind the book The Five Love Languages.
It was a fabulous observation.
Taking the time to observe what my children's love language is in how they serve others
and how their own 'love tank' is filled.
This project involved all of us talking on this subject.

The mechanics of the observation involved, of course, the memory file technique.
The rebel in me continues to make her own files. What are ya goin' to do?
It also included Heidi's signature 'back to back' book.
I love this technique. 
Had not yet tried it in the heart shape...I sort of refrain from those cutesy shapes...
so I just went for it for this project.

The book is written primarily for you and your spouse.
So I started this project with Mr. Pate & myself.
Instagram style...because I am noticing a lot of my photos are from instagram these days.
A little addiction going on here.

For Mr. Pate one of his love languages is quality time.
His tank is full when we get time together...just he and I.
And in our current lifestyle, that is no easy task.
So I took an instagram of our commuter mugs as we headed out early one morning together.
I just love this take of memory keeping more and more.

The oldest male teen's love language does not fall in a category of the five listed in the book...
however, I know one of his loves is humor...
the acting out in it...
and the receiving.
I know he is good when he is jovial and humorous and when I can make him laugh.

The youngest female's language is that of gift giving.
As well as quality time.
She loves to be with me in my studio...
her own mixed media.
I will be happy one day to have captured this memory.

Oldest female's gift is also gifts...
the gift of baking...sweet stuff...all...the...time...
But that is when she is happiest and feels the most loved when I let her have her way in the kitchen.

I included my mom and I's Mother's Day instagram.
Her love language is physical touch.
And since I am so NOT about physical touch...
it is a picture of real love that I know what speaks to her.

Middle daughter did not make the cut of photos here...
she is included in the smaller book on the lower right hand corner.
Her gift is acts of service...
she loves to help around the house and does so willingly and happily.

It's funny...
I always sort of balk at the observation prompts from this class.
But as I start to work through them...
and then let them sit in my heart and head for a bit..
they always come together...
and I am the happier for having done the project...
and capturing that particular memory of observation.

Hoping too this encourages you to find these things in the people around you...
and understand them more.

Now go...
& create.


  1. Jaime, this is one class I DID NOT take with you. As much as I LOVE Heidi I have been taking too many classes and knew I wouldn't spend the time I needed to get out of it what I should. I love what you did. THe heart is perfect. I'm not a cutesy person either and the way you did it- it isn't cutesy but really fits the project intent. I enjoy your scrapbook pages and Project LIfe posts. I'm not a big scrapbooker but something about your aesthetic that touches me.

  2. This is beautiful Jamie! Both the subject and the execution!!! Love it!

  3. What a beautiful book Jamie! It is really inspiring!

  4. i love what you wrote about each is so true, we all love in our own way. i will have to look into this class...i love heidi!

  5. This is not only beautiful but also so so inspiring!
    Thank you for sharing Jamie!

  6. I gotta say it feels like taking the "art of observation" class as well seing all your cool projects. Thanks so much for taking the class and sharing your work with the rest of us! It is truly inspiring! (and I love Heidi and everything but I'm pretty sure your colors, papers, style is more "me" if you know what I mean! Heidi sometimes is too much for my:-) (but I do love her.-..)