december daily 2012


So it's that time of year again...
So very hard to believe Christmas is simply around the corner...yet again...
This brings me to the part where I start to prepare our family's DecemberDaily journal.
As I went to gather albums from past year's I realized that this will be my sixth year to create this mini.
I was astounded by that fact.
Six years!
And then...I started to look at them, from the first to the last...
and the first one simply had me in tears.
I was so pleased that I had captured and wrote what I did in that very simple first book.
Capturing the nuances of our everyday...
plus the traditions that follow us year after year that make us a family.
I was beyond thrilled once again that this is a project I commit to year after year.
It's not an easy project to stay on top of...
but nothing worth while is easy...

jmpgirl~december daily 2012

Today I wanted to kick off the series with the cover of this years' book. 
This album sticks to a 6x8 format. Even though my books are different from year to year, I like keeping with the same size in general.
The foundation of design for our 2012 book begins with the MyMindsEye Lost&Found3Ruby. The grey really pulled me in, as well as the traditional red.
Here is how it went::
1. covered 6x8 chipboard with grey and cream polka dot. The left edge is lined with a contrasting striped design, then the red striped was cut in an opposing direction for an added pop on top. I was going to make this an interactive piece, but since this album is handled so much, I thought it better to keep the cover a bit of a much as I am able, that is.

jmpgirl~december daily 2012
 Lots of my current stash is working it's way into this book. After deciding on the initial colors and patterns, I went and 'shopped' my own stash to finish the cover. The rest of what you see here is from product already in my supplies::
2. Washi tape from MyMindsEye All Is Bright was added to the ruby stripe. A frame cut from FollowYourHeart was popped up with a grey pattern from StudioCalico underneath. The frame was wrapped with baker's twine. I added a DiscoStar from HeidiSwapp to the frame as well as a '25' that is from the PinkPaislee PortfolioAlphabetStickers. The 'december' is a Cameo cut from HeidiSwapp's Digital Words: Months.

jmpgirl~december daily 2012

I love the contrast of patterns, the pop up of texture, as well as the color that is festive yet soothing.

jmpgirl~december daily 2012

I will be back next week to share some inside pages.
Hoping you too find the experience of a DecemberDaily a true treasure to your Christmas. These are books that tell simple, everyday stories. And I know, as I look back through them over the years, I will be ever so grateful to have taken this time to record, document, and photograph that which makes our everyday life a gift.

Now go...find a way that fits you to document your Christmas celebration.


  1. This is just stunning, Jamie! I looked through mine from last year and I was in tears, too :) Thank you for sharing your beautiful work...I can't wait to see the inside!

  2. Please let me know when you start creating & selling 4x6 photo album covers. That is the only way I capture memories (slipping the photos into multiple albums) and I'd love for them to be as stunning as yours (even if the insides aren't).

  3. It's pure gorgeousness Jamie!
    I would love to see all of your DD together ;-)


  4. Love it Jamie awesome work as always.

  5. Shopping my stash and backload of pages gone unused {but that's another story} for my DD this year. Jamie, I have to say that you and your creations are always so appealing and just draw me in. They make me smile!

  6. DIVINE...already!
    can't wait to see inside!

  7. Jamie, it is simply exquisite from your colour choices to your design to the perfect embellishments, PERFECT in every way!

  8. very cute - I am looking forward to the pages!