Heidi Swapp + monochromatic madness


Today's post was first seen on Heidi Swapp's blog. It introduces some new product. Some re released product. And some product that I have hoarded stashed away. Hope you go and visit to see it all in one place.
and then come back here for detailed instructions.
it is a bit of an aggressive project...
but i would love for you to play along.
jmpgirl ~ heidi swapp monochromatic madness

O.K...there are a lot of supplies that go into this project. But it is sooooo worth it.
It was  inspired by Heidi's video here explaining her Invisible Binding Technique. I would encourage you to watch the video first to understand the Invisible Binding. Then I would encourage you to read through the instructions first before starting. And please let me know of any questions you may have. Would love to know if you make this project.

jmpgirl ~ heidi swapp monochromatic madness

Color Pop Mini Memory File
Color Magic 12x12 Paper
Color Shine Tinsel
Clear Pop Banners
Mini Instaframes
Color Magic Arrows
Color Magic Hearts
Color Magic Seam binding
Black and White Letters
Color Pop Window Frames
Clear Pop Tags
Color Shine Black Velvet
No Limits Triumph Stix
Black and White Buzz Words
Clear Pop Bare Pockets
Color Magic Notes
Color Magic Banner Delights
Color Magic Butterflies
Color Pop Memory File Tab Stickers
Day Glow Photo Corners
Clear Pop Tabs
Color Magic Stars
Color Magic 8x8 Papers
Color Magic Jumbo Tags
Clear Stamps

what else you will need:
paper trimmer
paper towel
black acrylic paint
washi tape

(the instructions for a particular photo will be under that photo)

jmpgirl ~ heidi swapp monochromatic madness

for the cover::
Start with the black and white Color Pop mini memory file. Fold the file at the farthest folds so there is about a 1/2 inch spine.
Trim a piece of the Color Magic 12x12 Paper to a 5 1/2 inch wide by 7 1/2 inch long. Spray with Color Magic Tinsel. Buff with paper towel and allow to dry. Adhere to the cover of the memory file. Wrap edge around bottom edge
Trim a small piece of Color Magic Paper so that it fits inside the Mini Instaframe. Place inside and adhere closed. Add title. Attach to file cover.
Spray Seam Binding with Tinsel. Edge a Color Magic Heart and Arrow with black paint. Staple seam binding and heart to the edge of the frame. Add arrow.
Staple Clear Pop Banner to the top edge.

jmpgirl ~ heidi swapp monochromatic madness

Spray a piece of Color Magic Paper with Tinsel and Black Velvet Color Shine. Attach to the left side of the file and trim edges. Do the same for the right side.
Place photos, heart and arrow (edged with black paint), and Black and White Letters for title in a pleasing manner on the left side. Add a notched piece trimmed from packaging.

jmpgirl ~ heidi swapp monochromatic madness

photo stack:
This was created using the video Heidi Swapp created for My Craft Channel found here. Watch video to understand how this is bound. You will need seven binder mechanisms to create the pages shown here.

jmpgirl ~ monochromatic madness

This is the front of the book. But let's start with the last page...

Spray a piece of the Color Magic 8x8 Paper with Black Velvet Color Shine.  This page measures 5 inches wide by 8 inches long. Add paper to the binding mechanism as shown in the video. Adhere a piece of vellum that is trimmed with a border punch to the sprayed paper. Add adhesive to the center which will be covered with the photo.
Add photo with Day Glow Photo Corner.
Place an arrow sprayed with Black Velvet to the top edge allowing it to peek over the edge. Add clips, stars, tags, arrows and labels to embellish.

jmpgirl ~ heidi swapp monochromatic madness

Spray a piece of Color Magic Paper with Black Velvet. This page measures 4 inches wide by 8 inches long. Staple a Clear Pop Tab to the edge.
Color the edges of a Jumbo Tag. Trim out the center leaving the border. Staple this to the Color Magic paper. Add to the binding. Place photo over the binding mechanism to cover.
Add banners, stickers, labels and stamp to embellish further.

jmpgirl ~ heidi swapp monochromatic madness

For the next page, a file folder pocket was cut with the Silhouette. It was sized to 3 3/4 inches wide. Attach to the binder mechanism.
Add Color Pop Window Frame to the page and then a photo on top with foam tape. Embellish further with arrow, banners, and paper flowers.
Add a label to the edge and back with another label.

jmpgirl ~ heidi swapp monochromatic madness

For the next page adhere two Color Magic Notes back to back with the binder mechanism sandwiched in between. Add photo.

jmpgirl ~ heidi swapp monochromatic madness

Next page is the Clear Pop Bare Pocket. Add to the binder mechanism. Slip the photo inside to cover the binder piece. On the back of this page add a Color Magic Note and embellish further with hearts and stamp, and a clip at the top.

jmpgirl ~ heidi swapp monochromatic madness

The page with the kids group photo: attach photo to the front of the binder mechanism. Add a piece of pattern paper to the back to cover the rest of the binder piece. Embellish that side further with No Limits Triumph Stix, arrows and washi tape.

jmpgirl ~ heidi swapp monochromatic madness

Spray a Color Pop Window Frame with Tinsel on the front and Black Velvet on the back careful not to get the black on the front part (like i did). Attach the frame to the very front binder mechanism. Cover the back binder piece with washi tape. Staple the #GRATEFUL Clear Pop Tag to the front of the frame.

Whew...if you made it this far you are my hero.

I love this Memory File.
Please link me up if you create one of your own.


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