new class


Need some creative time?

Cre@tE your very own unique wooden photo memory stand display.   Proudly display your photographs, recipe cards, or any of your favorite memories.   Paint, distress, and learn new paper crafting techniques while creating these handmade keepsakes.  You can also choose from several paint colors to customize your stand.

As a bonus, you will also cre@tE your own beautiful paper tag to display on your stand. This tag will include pretty ribbons, bling, and text to make your tag special.

April 12th
6:30 to 8:30 pm

Sign up at The Emporium
200 Perry St. 
Castle Rock. CO.

More great classes coming soon!  


  1. Ooh, fabulous! I bought all the stuff to make something like this when I added it to my Tumblr years ago. Thanks for the reminder that I need to get that project done!

  2. Sign me up! Looks like a lot of fun and a beautiful project Jamie!