hello jot magazine


have you seen jot magazine yet?
it is an absolute beauty of a magazine...
and it's free.
beautifully free.
and beautifully full of eye candy and inspiration and new creatives to meet.

jamie pate for jot magazine

i was a lucky girl and had a chance to submit a layout for the friendship story gallery...
eh hem...page 77.
and what luck!
i just happened to have a little o' layout hanging around that celebrated just that...friendship!

jamie pate for jot magazine

the photo was taken of my friend and i when she was in visiting early in the summer.
we were at the zoo.
and i had just determined, before she came out, that we were going to be better about taking photos together.
we have known each other for 30 years.
she knows the good. the bad. the ugly.
you want something on me...she's got it.
using plenty of Find Your Wings and Fly from My Mind's Eye made this layout come together fairly easy for me.
(the 'you&me' is my own die cut design.)

jamie page for jot magazine

the format is simple with the use of only one piece of pattern paper yet liberal doses of embellishments on the side.
Gold Lame and Primrose Color Shine attend beautifully to the hues of the colors.

there is plenty of room for journaling which I plan on doing.
and this layout is then set for my friendship album.
yep. i keep a friendship album.
and as i get the chance i create these friendship layouts and place them there...
and count my blessings.

and i hope you do too!


  1. Adorable layout and I especially love you in that color *wink.
    Hugs from Conroe, TX

  2. I can see why this was chosen , it is just breathtaking Jamie, I adore the soft colours, huge congrats to you ..

  3. Stunning layout, my friend! I love the clustering down the side of the pink paper and what a great photo! xo