2014 december pages ~ day 5


Hello again.

Playing a bit of catch up sharing our December pages.
Day 5 was up on the Pink Paislee blog the first week of the month. You can read details here. As well as pick up the free printable that also is part of this day.
And just as a reminder if you have just recently found me, this year's December Pages is mostly created using Pink Paislee's Merry&Bright Collection.

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2014 December Pages ~ Day5 | @jamiepate #PPC2C #pinkpaislee
For this post I am just going to share the photos for the most part. I have more written at Pink Paislee on December5th.

2014 December Pages ~ Day5 | @jamiepate #PPC2C #pinkpaislee
Day 5 followed the prompt for the Pink Paislee Countdown2Christmas which was Go See the Lights.
I created an 8x8 page here with the striped paper serving as a flap for some of the other photos hidden underneath.

2014 December Pages ~ Day5 | @jamiepate #PPC2C #pinkpaislee
It's a real simple page adorned only with a JOY glitter word, some stars from that same package of words, as well as a popped up red glitter star from the Ephemera package. This is a photo of some of our lights as we had a new display in our yard this year and I just wanted this close shot . I love the Metallic Foil Letters. They are beautiful bold embellishments that stand up well to many of the more traditional patterns found in Pink Paislee's Merry&Bright.  O.K...so I said I was just going to show photos...but now I have gotten all chatty.

2014 December Pages ~ Day5 | @jamiepate #PPC2C #pinkpaislee
The second page of the spread focuses on the tradition that surrounds our going and seeing lights. I think it can be easy to forget our family traditions and what makes them special and unique to us,  until I see them start to collect as they are here in our album... and then their importance really shines for me. So thankful for this process. It is truly a labor of love.

2014 December Pages ~ Day5 | @jamiepate #PPC2C #pinkpaislee
I said in the beginning, I was going to put a tad more emphasis on the journaling aspect of this album this year. I have stayed true to that goal. Lots of words finding their way in my book. Lots of stories told. Lots of traditions documented for me and my kids to have and to hold for many many years to come.

My hope is that you are not overwhelmed by this season at this point. That you are able to find moments to reflect and be still and enjoy the process. This is my hope.

see you again soon...

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