november memory planner ~ heidi swapp


it's december?
actually...i knew that.
i have been like a little girl anticipating this month.

my heart has turned towards Christmas and ALL that it holds.
a little excited.

for one thing...
this launched today...
The Pink Paislee #PPC2C debuts today and is already such an exciting event.
Even if you don't have all the supplies you think you need, I believe that the daily prompts and the daily free printable and the daily inspiration can take you far in documenting this most wonderful time of the year. Just sayin' here. Don't let those things stop you from stopping the blur and documenting precious memories.

Eager to share a few of my pages...but that's for another day.

But today...
Heidi has shared the December Memory Planner printable right here.

love the kraft and red and glitter...oh my!

but let's close out November, shall we?
i have this thing in me that needs to finish a thing before she can start a new thing. drives my kids crazy.
so i have been working to catch up with ProjectLife which is making me very happy (but again, that is for another day)...
and today i want to 'close out' November Memory Planner style.

november memory planner ~ @heidiswapp @jamiepate

november memory planner ~ @heidiswapp @jamiepate

you know...i am pretty sure i am saying this every month...but it was a busy time of it...yet again...

november memory planner ~ @heidiswapp @jamiepate

but if i don't just get slap happy to have all of this right here for me to refer to in the future and pause about even now.

november memory planner ~ @heidiswapp @jamiepate

that grateful digi die cut can be found here at the sizzix eshape store. i sprayed it with Seafoam Color Shine and pretty much love it's big impact here.

not a lot of photos this time around...
i have no excuse for that...
however mr. pate and i do at least make a bit of an appearance here.

november memory planner ~ @heidiswapp @jamiepate

i loved the printable prompt from Heidi and a place to add Thanksgiving planning. because invariably we always forget from year to year what we ate who we had and how much food we needed. note to self: we do not need three turkeys for the 25 people next year.

november memory planner ~ @heidiswapp @jamiepate

wow...what a blur indeed.
continue to thank heidi for her designing this concept and now i am pretty sure i am committed for a life time to this concept.

which makes me ever so eager for the 2015 Memory Planner to hit stores.
let's do this!

oh...but's to December right now.
time to go be merry.

until next time.

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