out with the old...in with the new


How excited I am about this theme right now...
the out with the old and in with the new.
it is really bringing a certain energy to my core right now.

As I was thinking through my last assignment for the year for Pink Paislee that posted today on their blog, I kept find words pop up in my head about the year I just travelled through.

2014 Inventory | Pink Paislee @pinkpaislee #ppbellarouge @jamiepate
This has been the most interesting year. In many respects it has been a very very hard year spiritually and emotionally. I have probably been the healthiest this year of the past decade. So I was all in for everything. I failed miserably on some issues. BUT...and this is a big but...I learned from those failings. I did.

2014 Inventory | Pink Paislee @pinkpaislee #ppbellarouge @jamiepate
The learning is not always fun, because we think we should know better by now...especially at my age...eh hem. But that is just it, the learning NEVER ends. Never. Not for a day. Not for a week. and most definitely not for a year.

2014 Inventory | Pink Paislee @pinkpaislee #ppbellarouge @jamiepate
So these words were coming through my heart pretty clear.

2014 Inventory | Pink Paislee @pinkpaislee #ppbellarouge @jamiepate
I adore how the Bella Rouge collection from Pink Paislee supported what I was doing here with this album. This cover page I cut apart one of the Ephemera tags that had those phrases. I wanted them to stand out on their own. Be kind...not only to others, but to myself. Ah...probably the hardest thing of all to do at times, do I hear an amen? Be strong...I have a faith that allows me to not be strong in myself, but in God who is always strong. And be you...this is about continuing to find my me. Who I am to be in all the challenges that come my way.

2014 Inventory | Pink Paislee @pinkpaislee #ppbellarouge @jamiepate

write. I was turned on to Julia Cameron's The Artist Way again this year. So this inventory is about the exercise to write daily. First thing in the morning. Three pages of whatever comes up. AH!mazing.

2014 Inventory | Pink Paislee @pinkpaislee #ppbellarouge @jamiepate

This has been so vital to my heart. They say that writing is the mirror of the mind. If you are like me you carry way too much in your mind. It not's perfection that this writing creates, but it's a certain perfecting of those thoughts that get a chance to get out of my head and rest somewhere else.

2014 Inventory | Pink Paislee @pinkpaislee #ppbellarouge @jamiepate

hospitality. Speaking of perfection...this word is by no means perfected in my life yet. But it found a place to be planted and begin to grow.

2014 Inventory | Pink Paislee @pinkpaislee #ppbellarouge @jamiepate

The 'be kind' word strip was perfect to sum this up for me. Hospitality is not always about having someone over in my home. Although that is indeed part of it. It's a state of heart. One that I am cultivating at a new level in so many ways. I love this process I am in right now.

2014 Inventory | Pink Paislee @pinkpaislee #ppbellarouge @jamiepate

open. Now that's a word with lots of context to it. This word was also inspired by my OLW for the year, 'seek'. It came right out of my adventure with that word.

2014 Inventory | Pink Paislee @pinkpaislee #ppbellarouge @jamiepate
This discovery has found me much more open with my heart and sharing it with others. Seeking wisdom and direction from friends and family. Laying it all out there...mostly the ugly...with the intent of allowing their words to help, heal and give me hope in my situation. I have prided myself in the past to be a private person. But it has found me still longing for certain connections with people around me.

There are several more words that have found their way in this mini album of inventory. I may share that with you another day.

But here's my challenge...find a WORD for your new year.
Resolutions are great.
But if you are like me, they can fall through the cracks of everyday life. But a WORD for the year will do a certain magic in your heart IF you pursue it and allow it to take you where you wherever it will.
And then allow that word to do just that...take you where it will.
I pray with the LORD's help it will bring you to a deeper awareness of you and the life that surrounds you.

Many many blessings to you, my friend, this new year.
May you find a way to be done with the old,
and bring on the new.

See you next year.


  1. Beautiful album! Hope 2015 brings you and yours many blessings. Hugs from Conroe, TX

  2. this is just SO gorgeous JMP. i literally had goosebumps reading what you had to say. i really think you and i are similar in so many ways. we are "thinkers" and that can be such a positive, yet such a negative all wrapped into one complex little ball. i hope 2015 is an incredible year for you. may your heart and soul be blessed with love and peace. i adore you jmp. thank you for this amazing inspiration. i need to read your post again!! XOXO

  3. This is a beautiful project and I love your writing peaking through those vellum pocket! The pops of yellow make me happy. I wish you a very happy and fulfilling New Year!