gratitude and memory keeping


grateful memory keeping

Recently I have been thinking a lot about gratitude.
Which moved into the thoughts of memory keeping by way of gratitude.

I may actually already be doing this. You may be too.
Not sure I have been doing it intentionally, however.
Be forewarned, this may be a subject that comes up often. As I am really intrigued.

It sort of works into the idea also of simplifying memory keeping some what too. If that even makes sense.
For instance, this recent entry in my Journal Studio. I slated an insert for a montage of summer photos. It took no time to print the photo (especially since I print at home). It took no time to add in a few simple embellishments. And then it took no time to bullet point a list of my thoughts that easily came to mind that I had gratitude for at the moment.

Oh...and guess made me happy too!
And 'they' say that gratitude does make one happier.
I was happy with the creative moment (and trust me when I say it was a stolen moment)
I was super happy with the photo that invokes emotion all by itself.
But mostly I was happy for the making of a list of ten things that flowed from this photo. That I journaled in my journal. And now it is part of my memory keeping inventory.

Gratitude and memory keeping. A subject to be uncovered even more.
Please stay tuned.

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  1. Gratitude - it's always on my mind and in my heart! I was super excited to see your blog post today was about gratitude. Will you be making another gratitude project like you did a few years ago? I like to plan ahead and since November is 'generally' when most people do a gratitude journal or minibook, etc., I'm already trying to get ideas for my gratitude project for this year so I hope you will be doing a special gratitude project again this year. God bless!

  2. You are kind, Belinda. More than likely I will be doing something specific on the subject. Thank you for the encouragement. Have a beautiful day.