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I have always tinkered around with my hand writing. I can remember as a third grader with my first calligraphy set. Yep. It goes way back this love of hand lettering and hand writing.

While one will find plenty of examples of my handwriting journaling a story on a page layout, there are times too when typing these tomes is the option.

Just why do I opt for typing my journaling at times versus handwriting on my page?

The answer may seem really obvious. But let's not assume it is. For me there are times I just want to let the story flow. By typing on my computer there is a bit of stream of consciousness that flows and allows more detail to be found on the page, versus when I am hand lettering each word.

Does that sound lazy? Well. Yeah. Maybe. I am not completely sure that lends itself to laziness. When crafting this page of my daughter and this story, I do what I always do, I get lost in the photos and the moments and the people and all the little details that make up the story. The parts that are probably known only to me. Mindful that there is a lot to a story even the simplicity of this moment in our neighborhood. I want to make sure I get it all in. When I do get to the last part of my scrapping process, which is the journaling, I want to sit down and let it all pour out.

Now. These stories are not book publishing worthy. They are not really even for public consumption. They are just what I want to say about the moments that are on this page by way of photos. I think it was Ali Edwards who said it: scrapbooking is for me. We may fool ourselves that we are leaving behind a legacy of words + photos. But really, let's be honest. It's for us. So the story should be for us too.

Hand writing vs. typing? That is also a very personal choice. The message you will always hear on this blog though is this: tell your story. No matter how you get it down on the page, make sure you area actually getting words down on the paper. Whether that is your hand writing or the use of technology to aid in the process. What matters is the story. Your story. And only you can tell it.

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