how to make scrapnotes


ever hear of a scrapnote before?

Probably because I just made it up.
Not everything has been made up yet.
And I am pretty sure this is not a new idea, just a new way to describe the idea.

I call these scrapnotes.
Scrapnotes are cards that have a scrapbook technique on the front: photo, layers, words, embellishments.
And inside the scrapnote is, well...a note to that person in which the front of the scrapnote was dedicated to.

Yesterday here on this blog I posted several FREEBIES Heidi Swapp is giving away to use with the Minc.
I showed some very basic ways to add to a Thanksgiving table with those freebies + a Minc Machine and Foil.
While all the things were out, I had the idea to make some notes to give to my people for Thanksgiving.
For those of you not in a place that celebrates Thanksgiving, no worries. Pretty sure this idea can be adapted for any occasion...or non-occasion for that matter.

Using the Tags from yesterday's freebie, I printed the sentiments on vellum. Then I foiled them all with Champagne Foil. Now they were ready for the making of these cards.

The Thankful For You tag was trimmed down to basically a tag size. I wrapped it around the front of the card and stapled it in place. I also cut cute tiny little leaves out of textured cardstock. Once cut I painted them with Minc Mist. Allowing them to dry very well, they were then also run through the Minc Machine with Champagne Foil. I know...I have Champagne taste!!!
One of my daughter's photos was also added to this scrapnote. Now there is only a note to write to her inside this card that I will give her on Thanksgiving.
I love when a plan comes together!!!

For another daughter and another card, I first sprayed the card with the Minc Mist. This needed a bit of extra time to dry as sometimes the mist tends to 'puddle'. After it was dry, I cut down another of the Thanksgiving tags. The Thankful Hearts... tag is only about half the size of the card. I poked holes in the vellum as well as the card and tied it to the base with gold thread.

Next the photo was added to the card base. As well as some stickers from the Color Fresh Collection, as well as a striped heart sticker. A bit of washi tape and ta dah! Another card ready to share my thankful heart with this daughter on Thanksgiving.

This card started with me 'painting' the card base with the Minc Mist in wide stripes. After it was dry, then the vellum with the In All Things Give Thanks was layered over the top, and also tied in place. A little stamped tag was layered in as well.

The third daughter's photo was added to the front. And then labels, plus Journal Studio Puffy Stickers as well as those beautiful gold hearts from Color Fresh. I just adore how these cards turned out. I will for sure be doing this again.

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One freebie. Four tags. Three cards. A whole lot of Minc technique plus meaningful cards to share my heart this Thanksgiving.

Be sure to try this idea for any occasion. Don't let Thanksgiving be the only occasion to let people know how much you think of them.

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  1. Love this idea, thank you for sharing

    1. Thank you! Hope inspired to make same. Have a great weekend.