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Minc all the things for a beautiful Thanksgiving

You guys...
It's almost here...
I know...right?!?!?
It just always comes around again what seems to be speed of light time.
I am excited for Thanksgiving. And I am embracing all the beauty and fun and glam and simplicity that a Thanksgiving event can be.

As a member of the Heidi Swapp Media Team, I get to offer you several Thanksgiving/Gratitude printables to use as they are. For free!!! With your Minc. Or anyway you can imagine. Watch my Instagram feed this week as daily I will be showcasing an idea (or two).

Here's a look at what we are foiling today.

Thanksgiving Candle Wraps

Thanksgiving Tags

and then...

Thankful For:

Let me show you some very easy and basic ways to use these free printables.
Find them all right HERE.
Did I say they were free?

Take the Candle Wrap freebie.
Download to a place you will find on your computer.
Print it out on your laser printer. Remember the Minc Foil reacts in the Minc Machine with the toner ink that a laser printer uses.
Trim out the wraps.
Run through the Minc Machine as instructions suggest. I used Champagne Reactive Foil for these projects. Because it is clearly my most favorite Minc Foil to use. Ever.
Wrap candle wrap around a candle and adhere at the back.

I used smaller candles for this project. Mainly because it was what I had on hand. However, larger pillar candles work beautifully too. I love having that gratitude visual of Count Your Blessings and Thankful Hearts on these candles and part of my table and sideboard.

For another project I printed the Thanksgiving Tags out on vellum. Same instructions as above. Print out from a laser printer. Minc with Champagne Foil.

I printed a photo of something that prompts me to count my family.
The photo was adhered to a card.
Then the vellum was overlayed on the photo and card.
Two holes were punched at the top.
Gold thread was strung through and tied off.
There are many variations these vellum tags can be crafted as. Watch my Instagram feed for more ideas.

The last idea I have for you today is to use the Thankful For: printable in a way that involves your guests.
Print just one of the Thankful for: sentiments on cardstock.
Print using laser printer.
Trim card down to 3x4-inches in dimension.
As above, punch two holes in top.
Tie a bow with gold thread.
Add some greenery to make for a crafty little center piece on each plate.

Minc Machine is available at JoAnn Stores.

Supplies linked below as well.

Enjoy a craft sesh with the Minc Machine and bringing beauty to your Thanksgiving event.

This is a personal blog. All editorial content and projects are intellectual property of I do receive financial compensation and material product and affiliate sales in the development and posting of my craft posts, but all ideas and opinions are my own. 

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  1. Beautiful projects. I remember using the candle wraps as sentiment strips on Thanksgiving cards. Love the vellum idea. Thanks for the inspiration.