2019 December Album | Days 16-25


december 2019 is one for the books

You know when you have that little nagging feeling hanging around. When you have a thing that needs to be done. It's not huge. Life altering. Or world changing. It's just a little thing. That you know needs some of your time. but you...dare I say...procrastinate?

That's been me. With this December's Album. I arrived at a place in my book that happens every year. The week before Christmas everything gets a little fuzzy as I focus on the finish line...sorry to put it that way...but this year that's sort of how it felt. I made many notes for next year, because I don't want to do THAT again.

But I digress. The nagging-ness was my want to have my 2019 December Album completed. AND...I wanted to share it with you so maybe you too could be motivated to complete yours as well.

So...this is how the rest of the month finished out. You ready? Let's wrap this baby up.


In Days 16-25 video you will watch as I use a Minc Technique to create this page overlay for a snowy day.

You will get to see how one of my Foundation Pages came to completion and how I include my parents anniversary in all of my December Albums.

Oh...and those seasonal Starbucks cups...yep. They always make the cut in this book too.

You'll get to see how this pretty simple journal page came to fruition too.

There is a look at this page that was also part of my Foundation Pages and how I decided on this photo to grace this pocket page.

I failed to take a photo of the story on the other side of this oversized tag from Kerri Bradford Christmas designs. Yeah. One of my favorites.

In the above video I will also talk about how I repeated page layout sketches throughout this book. Mostly just because I liked them. But I have to say, they may make a bigger showing in my 2020 Christmas Album. Note to self.

I will show you how this Foundation Page came to be home to a look at day and night on Christmas Eve.

And...you'll get a peek inside of Christmas Day and how I may or may not add to this page or leave it just how it is.

And that's a wrap, friends. Thank you so much for following this journey this year. You creatives really showed up and engaged with all things December Album and I am so thankful I can contribute a little to your creativity. This is a beautiful community. Thank you so much for all you mean to me right here on this page and on my other social media channels.

Here's to a new year and all that it holds for us. Until next post, have a beautiful day.


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