Memory Planner 2020 | Week 2


Memory Planner 2020 | Week 2

let's talk week 2 planner planning

Also known as, let's talk commitment.
Commitment can be hard.
For one thing, I can like NEVER spell it correctly the first time.
Do you have words like that?
This is one of my words like that.
OK...but beyond the spelling...

Committing to a decision will come with challenges, excuses not to do it, busyness. You name it. I was told growing up, "any excuse will do". Right?!?! But it's true. I am the queen of making excuses that all sound so convincing.

So what I have to do instead for a new commitment is make conditions possible to where I WANT to see my new promise actually happen.

And this is how it is for a new year and a new planner undertaking.

Memory Planner 2020 | Week 2

Here we are in week 3 of the new year. And I have finished week 2 in my planner. As I shared in my last POST, I am really enjoying processing through these days on my weekly page daily.
But then...well...then there is the falling off...
Yes. I confess. I did not stay true (Already!!!) to how I wanted to see this daily commitment come to pass.
And that's. OK.

What is it Tony Robbins says:
"Stay committed to your decisions. But stay flexible in your approach."

I think that is exactly what we need when we are taking on a new to us duty., with that said, I hope you too will be gentle on yourself. I want to show up here weekly with my planner spread to inspire and motivate. Never to shame because maybe one feels behind. Or whatever the case may be. Just know, I am only here to walk with you on this planner journal. Because I know what it is to show up at the end of the year with a book full of thoughts, and memories and photo. And, this is for another post, a great jumping off space for bigger stories in an album.

This week in my planner I showed up with a lot more motivation for me. Some poignant quotes. Ideas I really need to keep in front of my eyes. I love that I have devised space, to not only bullet point the focus of the day, but to also add in those words that I need to be heeding.

The page employs some hand lettering with the Heidi Swapp Dip Pen. I did this on both pages. I like to balance elements on either side of the weekly page spread. This is just a visual element for me. But I do find that it adds balance to the overall feel of the double page spread.
Watch as the Heidi Swapp Media Team will be pulling that pen out a lot more in future posts. It really is a fun writing instrument. (and I failed to grab a shot)
Also, I continue to love to use the Stencils mixed in with Stickers. I think having more than one element on a page to point to an item gives it more focus.

Memory Planner 2020 | Week 2

Now, while I like to keep things positive on a page, I also strive for authenticity all the time. And sometimes life is not always positive. Can I get an amen?
So...sometimes, it's OK to add in a sticker that reveals your feels. I won't go into all kinds of detail on my page here. That's writing for my personal journal. But I have to say, I appreciate it when I do add in the realities of life. I get to see how those play out as the weeks progress in my planner.

And then again...there are the stickers made useful to remind me of my daily goal: never give up. Keep trying everyday. Whether that is attempting a daily discipline. Or whether that is the commitment one needs to show up daily (or weekly) to one's planner. Never give up. One is never behind. There is always opportunity to reset. And isn't a planner just the perfect way to see just that happen.


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  1. Great post, Jamie! Lots of good thoughts and lots of new things to try. Thank you!!

  2. Love it Jamie- very inspiring . So clean .. mine is a hot mess-- but, at least i am documenting right?