Memory Planner 2020 | Week Three


Keeping the momentum going is your year going?
Someone recently sentimented that it felt like January 82nd to them.
The long doldrums of winter can take its effect, no?
I really feel it this time of year.
Which is one of many reasons to keep a Memory Planner...
to keep my goals visual
to keep me accountable to my days
to write down the little things which in fact make up the big things.

Here's a look at Week 3.

Week 3 is not too different then Weeks One & Two.

I continue to bullet point my days.
Seriously love doing this this year. And granted, it's not like earth shattering events are happening on the daily in my life. Nope. I work. I mom. I do the school routine. I volunteer. I connect. It will all become one big blur if I don't jot down the little things everyday. This is a practice in story telling of the most basic kind. I want to encourage you to do the same. You never know what this practice might just motivate you to in your own life.

The Memory Planner continues to rely on the awesome Heidi Swapp Sticker books for motivating idioms. Girls, I have to admit. Some days I don't think: 'you got this'. It's totally true. So I rely on visual reminders that help me in the relentlessness that is the daily life. I continue to love adding these to my planner.

Sticker art finds its way with clustered words and phrases in my planner too.

While admittedly my days are pretty full with bullet points, and narrative, and reminders, I do like to add in the pretty stuff. Clusters of stickers are just one way. I had fun perusing the stickers throughout this Memory Planner Collection to see what would speak to me.

Bullet pointed days. Motivational words. Clustered sticker art. These are a couple of ways I want to encourage you to add to your Memory Planner. Take time to add in some details, to keep your thoughts visual, and to make it all pretty just as I have suggested today.

Let me know what you would like help with for your planner. Are you stuck? Do you have questions? This Planner Series is here for you as we walk through this new year.


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  1. Wow, this is all so awesome. Jamie! There are so many things to tell. I love how you make it all come together in such a beautiful way!!