how to add pages to Chapters Inserts


how to add more pages to Chapters Inserts

Today I am posting on the blog. That post is all about how I am documenting weekly in the Chapters Inserts. I am using the Scrapbooker persona to pick up what use to be my Project Life album.

In that post I unpack a system that is working really well for me. And for the most part keeping me caught up. Well...for the most part. As Ali Edwards says, stories never expire. So that means we are never really truly behind.

Today here I want to highlight one of the page spreads. This is Week 7, in the middle of February. As that post over on Heidi's blog points out, I am making the left side a grid of stories. And the right side is THE story of the week, if you will.

THE story of the week this week was my oldest daughter's engagement. A friend of hers caught the event with a hidden camera. And then she took a series of photos after the initial proposal. I wanted to keep that all to one page. And that would require me to add in an additional mini book of photos.

As you can see in the top right of this enlarged photo, I have clipped to the photo page an accordion mini book. It's topped with a cluster of embellishments.. The accordion book then is attached under the photo.

Unclip the gold clip, and the accordion book pulls out. On this side of that interactive piece I had room for two 3x4-inch photos.

In the middle of the accordion book I made a vellum pocket.

Inside the pocket is a tag from a Chapters cut-away pattern paper.  I added the usual tags and trim to finish that interactive piece.

The other side of the accordion book holds three more photos. I thought this was a great way to show off a really fun full size image of the proposal itself. But then still have the extra photos to that photo shoot that helps support the whole story.

Chapters is quickly becoming a new favorite way to hold my weekly stories. As well as those super special stories. Be sure to check out the links below for supplies. And let me know how you are using Chapters to document your stories.

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  1. Jamie, the grid + 1 big story in your Chapters is very inspiring. The engagement is so exciting. Congratulations to your family!

    1. Thank you so much, Adel!!! Glad you were inspired. You made my day! The engagement IS exciting indeed. Thanks for stopping in!