creating a place for graduation


grad book planner

This week here at home is graduation.
Graduation AT home.

I wanted and needed a home for all the things on my mind for creating this year's graduation at home.
Not only will we hold an open house...much smaller than in year's past...and I did need a place to put all my open house plans...
but I also needed a place for the now at home graduation ceremony. The schedule. How we would conduct our at home ceremony.

But it was not just the need for a planner...I wanted this to be in itself a sort of mini album. A place where many thoughts, stories, photos, cards from the week would be placed. Because I forget.
Heck...I forgot where I had actually had my last daughter's graduation announcements made. Why did I forget such an easy thing.

By having made this Grad20 planner, I now can place all the things inside. And have all the things for  future remembering. Not to mention all the prompts for story telling.

The book opens with the photo design I created for her announcement. The book is made with Heidi Swapp Chapters Collection. Using those pattern papers, I made tabbed pages for all the categories I thought I would need. This photo begins the first category of 'photos'. Using the Cinch to bind the planner, I also cinched in some pocket pages for photos that I will add later.

Inside the front cover I added a bit of inspiration. Because...well...this is just how this graduate's mom roles...I have words everywhere encouraging and inspiring all who read.

I used the WeRMemoryKeepers Tab Punch Board (all supplies linked below)  to create these tabs throughout the book. I always love the sticking out things. These tags are no exception. Using all the patterns from Chapters made me just sort of happy.

The last tab is for cards. I always need a home for my cards. I hope this helps my girl stay organized to keep all her grad cards in this one space. I can always add another one if we need it. Again, Chapters patterns to the rescue. And oh, hey...ignore the upside down rainbows. It does not have to be perfect to be useful and pretty.

Here's to the Class of 2020. To making plans. To keeping all the plans organized and available and documented for years to come. And to keeping it all pretty.




  1. This is gorgeous,Jamie! I love it! Congratulations to your daughter. 'Wishing her all the happiness her whole life through! Best wishes always, Renee <3

    1. Renee...Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for your best wishes.

  2. Gorgeous Jamie! I adore it! Congratulations to your daughter!

    1. Thank you, Donna. It was a fantastic weekend of celebration.