how to make a photo stack


How to add a photo stack to storyline chapters

adding in all those photos

You asked for it.
You got it.
Right here.

Today I am responding to the request for how to add this photo stack into this Storyline Chapters page.

How to add a photo stack to storyline chapters

I have to admit...I just keep adding stories to these Storyline inserts. I can't even help it. I am finding the 7x9-inch page size so easy to work with. The stories practically make themselves. No hyperbole intended. 

When it came to adding in some Graduation 2020 photos to a book, there were so many options. But one of the things I wanted to do was add in a photo stack on one of the pages.

I have done this before right here on THIS page Creating Photo Stacks on Storyline Pages.

How To Make a Photo Stack in Storyline Chapters

So here you go. Right here. 
but wait...
NOT only can you view this here...

this is my very first IGTV post.
Yep. I know.
The old girl can learn new tricks.


How To Make a Photo Stack in Storyline Chapters

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  1. I love this idea. I scrapbook my travels so I have lots of pictures that MUST be included. Would you suggest simply cutting out a section of the plastic book pocket where the flip book is located so that it can be "flipped"? Do you have a video or detailed instructions as to how you put your page together? As I've said before I love your pages--so restful to me.

    1. Hello!
      Have you seen my IGTV process video for this photo stack? Maybe that will answer your question for you: