celebrate card making - World Card Making Day 2020



Celebrate Card Making - World Card Making Day 2020

celebrate the card making

Today is World Card Making Day. World Card Making Day ushers in a few ideas and beginnings. Read on to see what I mean.

Today (this week...this weekend...depends how much you are celebrating) is a celebration of makers and givers. Making with our hands and giving that gift is one of the best connections in human relationship. Many of us makers started with card making. I know I did. Card DIY holds a place in my heart and continues to be a go-to creative activity. 

Another event World Card Making Day kicks off is the season of making. For the first time in many years I am very excited about this season. It's been a long year. We have missed so much. It would seem we want to re-connect yet again. Making and giving is just one way.

I have been working in conjunction with ScrapbookCom for this year's World Card Making Day celebration. There are sales. Events. Plus a series of card making videos that includes tutorials several of my fellow makers have contributed.

The video linked to this post includes all the how-to for these cards.

Celebrate Card Making - World Card Making Day 2020

This series of cards started with Distressed Oxide Sprayed backgrounds I had made during a particular creative therapy sesh. I used several Distress Ink Sprays (linked below) to add a watercolor effect of a color wash.

Celebrate Card Making - World Card Making Day 2020

To add additional 'color texture' I then came in with an Exclusive ScrapbookCom stencil. There are several favorites included in that 6x8-inch collection of stencils. I used Pink Lemonade and Ballet Slipper Hybrid Stamp Ink to add another dimension of texture to the card backgrounds. 

Celebrate Card Making - World Card Making Day 2020

Using the Classic Type Alpha Die Set from ScrapbookCom, the sentiment was created using a negative die cut technique. I love this look. Using these sentiments made these cards very customizable, each one unique, plus added another layer of texture to the cards.

Watch the video to see how these techniques worked together to make your own cards:

Celebrate Card Making - World Card Making Day 2020

One of my favorite tips for making cards? Make more than one. Create a stash. Have cards ready to send. Make 'em. Send 'em. And allow others to celebrate World Card Making Day with you.

Hey friends...when you shop these links below, I receive a small kick back from your sales from Scrapbookcom. There is absolutely no extra cost to you at all! But these commissions help to cover the costs of this blog and other expenses to provide you with these and other project ideas. I want to continue to bring you FREE inspiration. Shopping these links allows me to do just that. I can't thank you enough for your love and continued support. 


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