three ways to use stamps in your planner


Three Ways to Use Stamps in Your Memory Planner

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I'm a planner girl. But boy do I love me some stamps. This hearkens back to the Stampin' Up days when I needed ALL the stamps. Good times. Just like so many other things in our lives, things change. I don't use stamps quite like I use to. And today is a great example of that. More and more I am adding stamping to my Memory Planner.

Today I want to share three easy and doable ways that I am adding in some stamp work.

Three Ways to Use Stamps in Your Memory Planner

First off, fill in the date. I have been using these stamps for a while, but the Subway Lowercase Alpha Stamps, exclusive at ScrapbookCom, are my go-to stamps for my planner. This of course is subject to change. But for now I am reaching for them all the time. Mostly to mark the date on the month and weekly pages.


These Subway Lowercase Alphas are a great size to give title to the month. I am also a fan of that little round Stamp Block. It's little. Sturdy. And round. I really do use that all the time too. It's just so darn cute. The alpha stamps fit on them perfect. Paired with my go-to Ranger Archival Jet Black Stamp Ink, I just keep these pages formatted the same with these stamp titles.

Three Ways to Use Stamps in Your Memory Planner

Another way I am using stamps on my planner is with the Cards for Kindness stamp set. I know. I know. This stamp set was made for, well, the Cards For Kindness card campaign. But I grabbed that little tiny heart stamp to make an embellishment for this planner spread. It's actually a little easier to see in the next photo. But I wanted to show you that stamp sets do not have to be strictly planner stamps to be used in one's planner. Even card stamps work. I can see using that Hello. The rainbow. That cloud and sun for the weather. The Sunshine stamp would be great too. There are may possibilities with almost every stamp set to find their way in a planner. 

Three Ways to Use Stamps in Your Memory Planner

The third way I am using stamps in this planner spread is with that word phrase. My Happy Place. Oh, hiking is indeed my happy place this fall. And with people I love, it's a little bit of heaven. This set is called Magical Day. Also an exclusive at ScrapbookCom. It was meant to commemorate a day at a theme park. While THAT is not happening right now, what IS happening is keeping up with my planner. So I grabbed that phrase stamp. Cut out a notched tag with the Heartfelt Wishes Die Set. Stamped the phrase. Then stapled it at the fold. It was adhered to the page with a glue dot, but not actually stapled. Tah dah! Thinking outside the theme park box!

Three Ways to Use Stamps in Your Memory Planner

Three stamps. Three ways. On one planner page. These ideas can also be used on a scrapbook page. A card. And even a tag. Finding different ways to use your stamps makes them that much more valuable in your stash. And it also makes for pretty stuff.

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