why i love the Heidi Swapp MemoryDex


Why I Love the Heidi Swapp MemoryDex

 blush memorydex is in the house

Wish I could remember what it was immediately about the MemoryDex that made this such an attractive papercraft outlet for me. Wish I could remember what card I made first. Wish I would have documented this journey just a little bit better.

But none of that really matters. Today here and now my love for the creative process and exercise that the MemoryDex is simply continues to draw me in. In fact, my creativity for this papercraft display is actually growing. I have more ideas now and want to spend more time creating around this product than I ever have.

That's the beauty of creativity. It can never run out.

With that reality in mind, I am eager to continue this MemoryDex journey and discover what more can be made and displayed.

Why I Love the Heidi Swapp MemoryDex

One of the main aspects of MemoryDex that continues to draw me in is the display factor. These little cards are relatively quick to make, unless you are Paige Evans and Tmika of ScrapDaWorld...oh my! Goals, people, goals. For the most part, these cards are in and out, done. and then, tah dah! But with a message. I love having messages on these displayed cards to remind me of the positive that is on my mind right then and there. For a visual person like me, that is the main reason I love the MemoryDex. To display meaningful, uplifting messages in a beautiful way.

Why I Love the Heidi Swapp MemoryDex

Another reason I love MemoryDex is the creativity factor. Perhaps that should go without saying. The current cards on the Blush Spinner belong to one collection. These cards on exhibit are showcasing the Heidi Swapp Old School PaperLine. I love to create a series of cards from each of the collections in my stash. Old School here is the latest to grace this spinner. I like to tell the story of my creative journey at the time. The Monthly Tab cards help to keep these card stories organized. Each time I look back at an older card with an older collection it conjures up it's own series of remembrances.

Why I Love the Heidi Swapp MemoryDex

Another reason I find myself lovin' the Dex is the curiosity factor. It's a chance to grab new to me products and pull them into the MemoryDex zone. Especially paper craft supplies that might not be part of a collection specifically. I love to simply play and add those elements into the mix. See what happens. And not only do I see what happens, but that very process then prompts even more ideas that I am then eager to try. Just like Maya says.

Why I Love the Heidi Swapp MemoryDex

We ebb and flow with our products that are most handy, right? Anyway, I do that. I sort of hover over a grouping of supplies for a bit. Then I naturally move on to some other product ideas. Currently I have been playing a lot with stencils and stamps. Here are the latest stencils from ScrapbookCom in my stash. I kept it very simple here, but one can easily customize card backgrounds with the use of a stencil.

Why I Love the Heidi Swapp MemoryDex

One can also add Texture Paste to vellum and then foil the vellum through the Minc Machine for a very beautiful pocket. 

There are many more ways to love the MemoryDex. These are just a few. The Display Factor. The Creativity Factor. And the Curiosity Factor. I could go on about the Dex. But I think you get exactly what I mean.

Watch this video to see a process for creating the card showcased in today's post.

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