How To Get Organized : Stadium Organizer


How To Get Organized : Stadium Organizer by Jamie Pate


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This week I have been sharing some organizing and resetting taking place in my creative space. Also affectionately known as The Studio. I am highlighting items from ScrapbookCom's CraftRoom Basics. This is a series of products exclusive to the SBC. 

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Today let's chat about the Stadium Organizer.

How To Get Organized : Stadium Organizer by Jamie Pate

First of all can we talk about how affordable this 4 compartment organizer is? When it's on sale (which ScrapbookCom does often) it's a screaming deal. So already we have pretty and affordable. Two of my most favorite words. It's a pretty affordable way to store stamps, pocket cards, stickers and more. As you shall see.

How To Get Organized : Stadium Organizer by Jamie Pate

Can I just say one of the things I love about storing pocket cards in here is that I can choose a 'happy' card to look at me while I work at my table. And that's just it, the front two sections fit 3x4 cards perfectly. That's mostly what I am choosing to use the Stadium Organizer for. 

How To Get Organized : Stadium Organizer by Jamie Pate

The middle section is raised a bit making it easy to view the 6x4 pocket cards I have stored in that section. I have always wanted a better way to keep these cards visual. I'm not big on keeping all my stash out in the open. But this is a handy and stylish way to have favorite products at the ready, and not forget about them because they are stored away in a drawer somewhere.

How To Get Organized : Stadium Organizer by Jamie Pate

I went ahead and used my Tab Punch Board to make some 6x4 tabbed cards. That way I can keep things more organized within the compartments. I'm sort of like a kid with brand new back to school supplies. Let me label ALL the things.

How To Get Organized : Stadium Organizer by Jamie Pate

The final section to the Stadium Organizer is the last open compartment. It too is raised and I am storing my favorite Stencils in that section. These measure 6x8-inches and fit perfectly in that space. One could also stash their larger acrylic stamp sets in here too. 

Let's sum up some of the features to the Stadium Organizer:

  • the container is made of ultra thick grey board and wrapped in white
  • the raised compartments make it easy to see the stash behind the other stash
  • there are endless storage and organization possibilities to be had 
  • don't be limited to your craft room. Your home, mud room, kids desks, or office could benefit from this kind of organizational awesomeness
I hope this has inspired you to get organized if in fact you are looking to reset your creative space. I know what it does to my soul to have a fresh clean and decluttered space to make in. Here's to all that making.

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  1. Hi Jaime, Happy New Year! I am loving these products and ideas for organizing our craft supplies. It looks neat and organized, not messy or overcrowded. Will you be doing any Memorydex cards or mini-book projects soon - always love these type of projects and process videos.