Why It's Never Too Late To Tell Your Story



all our stories never expire

Do you ever start a story project and not finish it? 

Do you print only a few photos yet not finish printing them all?

Do you wish you did not do that?

Why It's Never Too Late To Tell Your Story

I'm not an expert in the field, but here's my advice: Don't do that! Don't worry about it! Stories never expire. It's OK. Give yourself a break. You can ALWAYS come back to that started project.

As a matter of fact...I think it's even better a year later. Like a fine wine. It ages. And the telling, in my humble opinion, actually might be better.

I started this project HERE. You can read all about this mini album up to that point. What was the beginning. And then see how how it ebbed into its maturity here. Or it actually might be ebbing. Is ebbing a word. Because this project is definitely ebbing.

I loved the direction it was going. And of course the story too, you know...Class of 2020 can't graduate because of the thing called Corona. We made the best of that graduation at home. And so there was still so much story to tell.

And now I am telling it.

And I love telling it now. It just may mean even more to me in this moment.

As I dive back into this story there is a new set of stamps in my studio that were begging to be used in just such a mini album.

But Jamie, you ask, can you only use these stamps just for graduation?

Nah! There are plenty of sentiments that will work with many different themed stories.

What I really loved about these stamps was making use of them as tab markers.

I created a circle tab with a circle punch, then stamped the circle with the mortar stamp.

Pretty sure the YOU ARE AMAZING stamp can be used on a card, or a gift tag, or a note to a friend who needs to be reminded they are amazing.

The stamp was a great addition to the pull out card. I lined it up with the CONGRATS stamp to make for a longer sentiment.

Oh...and that YOU DID IT! How great is that little stamp? That's one we could always use in our arsenal of paper crafting goodness. Again. I punched out a circle on the fold, stamped the sentiment, stapled it to the tab. I really like how all those words peeks out from the side of the mini album. 

(Yesterday's post found HERE shared how I made a banner with theses Graduation Pocket Cards. One was still sitting on my work surface. And as I do so very often, it was utilized in the next project. I just trimmed it out a bit. Punched the holes with my Cinch. And added in the card to the album. Easy.)

It was great to revisit this unfinished story project. Instead of chiding myself because the book is incomplete, I decided to just enjoy the process. New stamps helped. Heck! New stamps always help. 

Stories never expire. Telling stories now or later always brings with it the joy of the telling.

Try this. Pull out an unfinished project. Maybe buy a new item to inspire the finishing of that story. You will never be sorry you told your story.

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  1. Beautiful. Yes our stories never expire. Thank you for that reminder. I tend to overthink and procrastinate about every single thing 🙃

    1. I hear you on the over thinking part. Do you have a running list of stories?