30 Ways to Use Stamps On Your Planner Pages | 2021 Memory Planner


strategic stamping

Do you have tons of stamps and just keep collecting more? Do you get a stamp set and then set it aside? Do you actually make the best use of those stamps on your pages? Do you need some help and advice?

Craft stamps seem to be all the rage at present. Everyone is coming out with a set and they are all fantastic in my opinion. There are subscription stamps. There are clear stamps. There are word stamps. There are month stamps. I mean, you name it, there is a stamp for it.

I for one am here for it.

 How To Use Stamps On Your Memory Planner

I have a ton of stamps. This collection is literally growing monthly. While I have purged older stamps, I tend to keep stamps above all my other stash that I deem the need to cull. Can't say as I use every stamp all the time in my vast collection. Let's just say we are the ultimate stamp collectors. There. That feels better.

So what to do with all the stamp sets and all the sets one still needs to add to their collection:


Today's post is going to simply bullet point six of my planner pages and how stamps are being used on each page. 

It will be a sort of I Spy. Wanna play? Let's go.

You are looking at the first 3 months of 2021 Memory Planner. To get an idea of all that is going into this year's planner I invite you to watch THIS video. It's also attached at the end. I know. So much content today. But I'm really excited about all the stampy and planner-y things.

How I used stamps on this January week (shown above):

  • to date the week (January)
  • on paper then punched with a circle punch (Start Here, gonna be OK)
  • as a bullet point title (fresh start)
  • another month stamp as a goals title (January)
  • as a day title (Today)
  • to create a phrase card (Trust the Magic of New Beginnings)
  • sideways as a story highlighter (Beautiful Beginnings)
  • label stamp as a header (label stamp)

Much fewer ways here, but want to note that I almost always use a month stamp to date the pages. I keep going back and forth on how I want this to look. But the pages are always signified with a date.

  • to highlight what is happening right now (Right Now)
  • used a phrase stamp as a personal reminder (One Day At A Time)
  • quote inside a stamped label shape (label stamp)

  • to signify an appointment on a day (appt.)
  • dotted line stamp to separate the days (......)
  • stamped on a round tag used as a closure (one day at a time)
  • as a large day title (valentine)
  • phrase stamped on a large tag to add emphasis (gonna be OK)

  • stamped phrase on a notched banner for a day title (make a plan)
  • phrase stamped on a tag as an embellishment (show up love hard connect...)
  • on a larger embellishment feature (be yourself)
  • a tiny tag stamped with a smaller phrase (great idea)
  • stamp used as a reminder as well to title hidden journaling (breathe)

  • use number stamps to signify the days found on the page (8-14)
  • a title stamped sideways to add interest (today)
  • stamp right on the planner page as a filler element (gonna be OK)
  • create notched tab then stamp to emphasize an emotion (fantastic)

  • boxes stamps to create bullet lists (boxes)
  • outline stamps to be home to a days title (rectangle outline)
  • stamp a phrase stamp to title a day (rest day)
  • circle stamps used to hold journaling (circle stamp_
  • small tag stamp stamped on pattern paper as an embellishment and journal spot (small tag stamp)

That's 30 ways to use stamps on your planner pages.
I know!

And with all the brand new stamps that just came out this week at Heidi Swapp Shop...how many more ways can we create to add stamps to a planner page??? Again, I'm here for it.

Hope this post was helpful to you and your ever growing yet always beautiful stamp collection. If you are going to collect anything, may it be memories. If you are going to document them...may you find ways to do just that today with stamps.


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  1. It’s lovely to see a memory planner that isn’t all photos. I struggle some weeks as there aren’t any photos. So thank you.

    1. Ah. That's good to hear. And it's easy to be influenced by what others are doing. Own it, girl! Make it all your own.