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continuing to organize the craft room with craft room basics

How is that organizing going for you? Have you discovered some new solutions? Are you getting the things put away? Do you still need some ideas for all the crafty things?

I for one am loving these new pieces I have added into my work space. This series, I have dubbed Work Space Wednesday, is completely autobiographical. The images shown here are not just to push a product. I am truly all about these ScrapbookCom Storage Basics. You walk into my craft space right now, and I wish you are always welcome, and you will find these items I have shared at work in this space.

So far we have for Work Space Wednesday:

6x8 Paper Pad Storage found HERE


Letter Sized Envelope Storage HERE

Today's post is all about the SlimLine Storage Envelopes. And yes! So glad I have these and have my Slimline Dies all in one place. It makes the making so much easier. Just grab a storage envelope and get to ccrafting.

I could not believe how many dies could fit in an envelope. THIS pack here contains 5 envelopes and is currently only $4.99. This is a great starter kit for sure. I have all the Scrapbook SlimLine Dies and I was able to fit them all in the five envelopes that come in one pack.

It's an organizational lovers dream to have all these dies in one place. No more searching all the spaces I can seemingly hide my tools. Am I the only one?

The Slimline Storage Envelopes, of course, hold more than just the dies. You could store all your pre cut papers in them as well. Sized at 4.5x9 inches, anything 'slimline' is going to fit in the envelope.

I love that there is a secure notched closure. This ensures that the envelope stays closed (especially if I store them in my 6x8 Paper Pad Holder standing up).

Like all the Storage Envelopes exclusive to ScrapbookCom, the envelopes are a semi-opaque frosted plastic. This allows the contents to stay a bit obscure, all the while still able to see inside and know what the contents are.

And with any kind of storage envelope, the storing ideas are endless. Don't be stumped by the word 'slimline'. Anything that fits in here is deemed worthy of being stored rightly. That's all I can say about that. Just another great storing solution with endless possibilities.

And my favorite part? I can just get to the making since I know where ALL my Slimline Dies are stored. People, do you know how huge this is? When you don't even realize you need a solution. That's what I keep hearing over and over again.

BONUS: I love how the SlimLine Storage Envelopes fit inside the 6x8 Paper Pad Storage and look so great. My dies are happy. My shelves are happy. I am happy. Organization makes me happy. Only because knowing where everything is makes me happy.

And right now with the Sizzling Days of Summer promotions happening at ScrapbookCom these Craft Room Basic Storage Solutions are up to 50% there is a free something something today to go right along with that purchase. Click through THIS link for all those details to be found at ScrapbookCom.

And happy storage solutions to you!

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Find all the ScrapbookCom Slimline Dies HERE

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