Another Amazing Way with Layers | Pocket Dies


Another Amazing Way with Layers | Pocket Dies |

do we ever get tired of it?

I for one?  No. I really don't.

As a matter of fact...this make right here...

Another Amazing Way with Layers | Pocket Dies | a classic variation on a theme. When I was crafting this pocket layered make that is posted HERE on my blog from the other day, I knew I would be making more of them.

What will I do with them? 

Well. That remains to be seen.

Actually. I am pretty sure this little green and butterfly number will be a card. Or at least a note holder. Can we be 'note holder' makers? Um. That actually sounds like fun!

Another Amazing Way with Layers | Pocket Dies |

As I have shared previously, making for making sake can be such a good soul nurturing activity.

Of course now, if you make things like above for making sake, then you have a stash of pre-made elements for future surfaces. And makes. Am I making myself clear?

And as I emphasized in yesterday's blog post, just do the same thing over again. And again.

Another Amazing Way with Layers | Pocket Dies |

Take your beloved dies that I know you already have a wonderful stash of, and cut out your favorite colors and papers and patterns with them. I mean, keep a stash of pre-die cut papers for making your makes. Just have them at the ready. I mean, right? 

Another Amazing Way with Layers | Pocket Dies |

And then do it all again. If one is paying close attention, these layers of paper and die cuts and pockets and butterfly is the very same sequence of layers as found HERE in this How To Make For Making Sake creation. I did not reinvent the wheel. I did not really have to think at all. I just made what I made before only I changed everything. Ha! I mean...I changed the color and the patterns. That's really all that is different.

Another Amazing Way with Layers | Pocket Dies |

Friends, I want to share a secret with you, and I cannot even believe I am going to say this:

but we have plenty of stuff. Right or wrong? We have so much paper and pattern and dies and ephemera. 

So here's the challenge: unearth them. And make stuff. Then, see where that making takes you. I promise you, it's way much more fun than the latest Netflix binge. (Did I just say that outloud?) Yes. I did!

Creativity is fuel for the soul. It fuels you. It fuels someone else if you give it away. 

You can watch this come together HERE.

And that's just a few more ways with layers.

If indeed you are curious as to the supplies used on this surface you can find them here.

And tell me in the comments, what is your most favorite thing to make right now? Do tell.


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