How to Connect Gratitude & Creativity | Gratitude Journal


How to Connect Gratitude & Creativity | Gratitude Journal |

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This month of November, I feel as though it is sand passing through my hands so freely. We are already almost half way in and there is so much I wanted to write, make, do, plan. I've decided this is a good thing. To have so much that I want to do. 

How to Connect Gratitude & Creativity | Gratitude Journal |

I'm grateful for this want of doing. For those of us here who can fall a bit under the weight of anxiety and depression, waking up with a mind full of things in the want of accomplishing is a huge blessing. I am grateful for that which has been a cultivation in my life for years now. The reason I know this is so valid is the hearing from so many of you and how you as well have turned your heart toward creativity because of what it does for you...what it does for those on the receiving end of your creativity.

How to Connect Gratitude & Creativity | Gratitude Journal |

And here is where that gratitude and creativity interchange yet again:

making for the art of making.

We have chatted about this a bit on the YouTube channel. And I have heard from so many of you that have engaged in this creative activity. You are crafting DIY embellishments. You are dabbling in Distress backgrounds. You are making tags. Cards! How many of you have been crafting gratitude cards? Sharing your love of the making and then giving that away! What an absolutely wonderful way for creativity and gratitude to connect!

How to Connect Gratitude & Creativity | Gratitude Journal |

Here is yet another facet of that: it doesn't just happen, right? All of a sudden one's heart for creating and the exercise of gratitude does not just appear out of someplace magical one day. Just like art needs to be cultivated, so does gratitude. And that's just what I am hearing from so many of you. This cultivation of gratitude by way of making and crafting and journaling and creating. If emotions can be felt by way of messages and comments I am feeling those emotions loud and clear. 

How to Connect Gratitude & Creativity | Gratitude Journal |

Connecting gratitude and creativity is an almost daily discipline. I know...who would think that creativity is a discipline? But it is. It has to be nurtured. It has to be given time. It has to have a designated place in our life, just like relationships and family and friends, in order to thrive. It can't just be left alone and then be expected to fill a place in our lives.

How to Connect Gratitude & Creativity | Gratitude Journal |

To wrap this up I'm a gonna be a little honest with you all here (that's not to say I'm not honest here, but I'm gonna get down to a bit of nitty gritty for a second). goes: on occasion I hear this complaint of 'Oh I wish I had time to catch up on my planner, or make a card, or create in my journal'. Now, don't get me wrong, I get the time thing. I've been care giving to my parents along with several other family members who have had Covid. We've recently had a death in the family. I've just had a house full of people and a grand baby here that completely swoops in on my time. I'm not at all being hard hearted about when life happens and takes from us the ability to call our own shots. I get it. But I also get (and this too is autobiographical) that too often I am just scrolling or wasting my time in some other meaningless endeavor, when I have opportunity to connect needed gratitude to the power of creativity, and that there is so much more fulfilling. My heart just felt that needed to be said. Gonna let that sit there for a minute. OK...tiny rant over.

The theme of gratitude will continue this month on this blog as well as my YouTube channel. I would love to hear from you and how you are making the connection between those two powerful entities in your life.

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