The Best Way to Scrap the Season | Scrapbook


The Best Way to Scrap the Season | Scrapbook |

fall mixed media scrappy mini series

I've said it before, and I will continue to say it: our stories never expire.

Oh...and spoiler alert: remembering THAT is the best way to scrap the season.

The Best Way to Scrap the Season | Scrapbook |

Seriously though. While December is right on top of us, I have to guess we are all, or most of us anyway, gonna document the month in a bit of a more specific way. And well we should. But here's the thing, because there is always a thing: we don't ever have to make layouts that are ONLY in the season in which we are presently. But I know you know that. Just felt like I needed to make a little reminder of such.

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The Best Way to Scrap the Season | Scrapbook |

And if I were completely honest, I would just make every season fall and scrap fall type pages all the time. It's become my favorite. Which leads to another thought about the best way to scrap the season: just be present in whatever story you are telling. Enjoy the making. Use whatever stamps or icons you want. My very linear brain thinks rainbows belong in the summer. So what did I do? I made them work for fall. It was as simple as stamping with 'fallish' ink colors. Using those oh so favorite Pops of Color leaf dies. And keeping the colors all in a similiar hue. 

For the tutorial on how to make those fabulous leaves, see THIS video HERE.

And then, for Three Ways to Make the Page, which is how this page came about, find that post HERE.

The Best Way to Scrap the Season | Scrapbook |

Here is one other little thing I want to mention as we wander through this falling leaf layout: I hope, but I can't be sure, to do some catching up on stories I have wanted to tell from this past year. Which of course will NOT be scrapping in the season which I am in.  But I also hope by now you have discovered we are just here to break all the rules.

The Best Way to Scrap the Season | Scrapbook |

So let's rewrite the 'rules' that nobody made in the first place:

1. Our stories never expire. Create scrapbook layouts of any story you want at any time you want.

2. Document only the month you are in. So if you wanna just stick with December's stories, well then, do that! Remember, we are breaking rules that really do not even exist.

3. Catch up on past stories in the month of December just because you want to. That's all. That's the only reason you need.

4. know one other best way to scrap the season?

The Best Way to Scrap the Season | Scrapbook |

well...this reason is gonna be a bit unorthodox, but here it goes: The best way is to scrap with joy. I don't think we have to look very far to see that the world is a very difficult and at times an upside down place. This is said as I know how the news can effect our spirit. My advice? Limit the screen time watching and listening to all the talking heads. Listen to that voice in your own head instead. Grab a photo. Pick out some paper. Don't forget the stamps. And scrap. That's the best way to scrap any season ever.

Thank you so much for reading my rantings. All thoughts, opinings, and scrapbook pages are made from my own want to and desire. That said, if anything in the above photos piques your interest, I have supplies linked below. If and when you click through and purchase, I get a little kick back. Which keeps all these rantings and opinings and scrapping happening right here and on my YouTube Channel. Thank you so much for your support.

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  1. I love these pages and photos! The detail is wonderful and she is precious 🥰 I have had a bit of a change in my thought processes for scrapbooking. I have a new appreciation of creating my own embellishments and using smaller formats for layouts. Thank you for sharing your process. I learn so much from you! PS….my Big Shot thanks you too. Martha