3 Reasons Why It's So Important | Memory Planner 2023


3 Reasons Why It's So Important | Memory Planner 2023 | JamiePate.com

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Memory Planner has been a mainstay to the story telling in this girl's life for many years now. In some ways it has replaced some of my scrapbooking. But not completely. In some ways it has replaced my daily journaling. But not completely. In some ways it's the most consistent documenting exercise. And that is to say completely.

3 Reasons Why It's So Important | Memory Planner 2023 | JamiePate.com

So what are some reasons why Memory Planner is so important.

3 Reasons Why It's So Important | Memory Planner 2023 | JamiePate.com

1. a visual diary

For one thing, it could be very true that a Memory Planner is a visual diary. Which isn't that the traditional notion of a scrapbook in the first place? Perhaps for some yes. Perhaps for others who maybe do not scrapbook in the traditional sense that would be a no. Many of you who follow the YouTube channel and the Memory Planner video series often tell me you do not have many photos to put in your planner. I do hope that this month's February 2023 Walk Thru shares some fresh ideas for that too. There are always ideas in these videos to share what I think is a very basic approach to Memory Planner. 

But for the most part, Memory Planner is just that: a visual diary. A much smaller scale then say a 12x12 scrapbook page, for sure. Especially when there are small daily spaces to fill in. That makes the whole idea of planner very succinct and very doable. There is just a small rectangle of real estate to fill in. There could be a singular photo that prompts memories from that day. There could be a collage of photos that are needed to mark a milestone of memory. Here's my suggestion if you are still not sure: find a photo a day. Just one photo. And make that your visual diary for that singular day in your Memory Planner.

3 Reasons Why It's So Important | Memory Planner 2023 | JamiePate.com

2. a catalog of stories

How often I have perused pages already filled in my Memory Planner only to say: 'Oh...I forgot about that!'? Which then for me prompts wanting to tell that story on a larger format. Perhaps a scrapbook page, pocket album, or a mini album. This actually happens quite often. Which then made me realize that Memory Planner maybe could be called a Memory Catalog? Don't you just love that?

This does not even have to be prompted by photos, actually. Because if you know me at all you know I am an encourager of journaling. Please, please please, write it down. And even to that point, if one only used Memory Planner for a collection of hand written memory, that in itself would be absolute gold! 

How I wish I could know how my grandmother spent a day in her life. How I wish I could know what things were bothering her. What meal was her favorite. What scripture verse was fueling her day. 

And wait...maybe that above paragraph in itself could be a prompting of what we do actually write in our planner.

I get it, the mundane seems, well, mundane, in our own minds eye. Often I have to remind myself, write it down, Jamie. The thinking may be that it doesn't matter. But the story as a whole does actually matter. 

A catalog of stories. Yes. That's exactly what a Memory Planner can be.

3 Reasons Why It's So Important | Memory Planner 2023 | JamiePate.com

3. notebook of thoughts

Something that has struck me and I believe is important is to see where we were to where we are. Maybe it's just a big birthday around the corner. Maybe I did care about this younger. When a statement or thought or emotion is placed on a page, then when you come back to that, it becomes a reflective moment. Perhaps, as I mentioned in this month's Memory Planner walk thru video, it is cause to correct something in one's life. Or it could simply be a point of gratitude. But...if those things are never written down, how do we know what to correct? Or what to be grateful for? 

3 Reasons Why It's So Important | Memory Planner 2023 | JamiePate.com

Of course, none of this has to happen in a Memory Planner. Memory Planner is just the medium. It's a good medium, which is why I tout it so much. For all the reasons stated above, it's a darn good place to create a visual diary, contain a story catalog, or simply to be a notebook for our thoughts.

It's up to you how you will do it. I just hope you are inspired to Memory Planner and to tell your story.

Take a look at a few more ideas found here in this video.


  1. This is so true and so lovely. I, too, would love to know about a day in the life of my grandmothers or even my Mom. A little while after we married we moved to a different town. So, I didn’t get to pop in to visit or observe the ‘everyday’. She passed away when I was only 23 years old. Her Mom had passed away when I was little. I did find a piece of paper stuck in one of my her cookbooks. She wrote about having coffee with someone. It is a treasure. Her everyday…her handwriting 💕 Martha

    1. Martha, what a treasure to find that handwritten note. My 82 year old mother just shared her journal from 2016 with me. I will treasure this forever .

  2. That gave me goose skin, Martha, that you found that little note. Truly a treasure indeed. Thank you so much for sharing. You always just come up with something delightful. You are a give.

  3. Jamie, I use my planner as a visual diary too. It's a wonderful treasure chest. Thanks for all of your inspiration!