How to Use Dies Over and Again | Butterfly Celebration


For Love of Butterflies | Winged Inspiration |

for love of butterflies

Butterfly dies may well be my most favorite icon plus die to to make with. Today's post is in celebration of the Butterflies 1 Die Set found at ScrapbookCom.

For Love of Butterflies | Winged Inspiration |

This post today is a combination of a couple of thoughts. First and foremost, the over reaching theme of today's post is my love for butterflies and how they are found used again and again on my makes. We will get back to that in a moment.

The second sub-theme, if you will, has to do with the above image: the MemoryDex Card. There is just one more week of National Craft Month, and that is celebrated by way of crafting MemoryDex cards. And if one of the beloved butterflies is found on said MemoryDex card, well, then the celebration is more than complete.

For the above card the Butterflies 1, which is an exclusive at ScrapbookCom, was cut from the 49 and Market Tranquility Pattern Papers. A darker print was layered over a lighter pattern of paper. A Tiny Attacher puts them together. This is such a simple way to layer those butterfly dies. But then again...simplicity is the thing when it comes to me and these butterfly icons.

For Love of Butterflies | Winged Inspiration |

This pretty in pink tag above was crafted for SBC Fest 1 in September of 2022. Talk about simple. The Nested Tag Dies, which was part of my Essentials Kit for that process video, was used in two different sizes. Then a butterfly was cut from the Butterflies 1. A smaller butterfly was cut from the Butterflies 2 Die Set. Those were simply layered together in the center of the tag. Then a sentiment was stamped then cut out from the Oh So Happy WordFetti Stamp set. Sigh. It just makes me happy.

For Love of Butterflies | Winged Inspiration |

This Beautiful Things image was from just that: my Beautiful Things Video that you can find HERE for purchase. This was an exclusive class for She Loves Color Fall 2022. Part of the kit (now sold out) included Butterflies 1 die cuts. One could not have been happier how that ethereal image added to this most wonderful mini album. I mean, beautiful things means beautiful butterflies too. If you have any interest in that class offering you can find it HERE.

TIP: adhere butterfly to layers. Adhere a sentiment sticker with foam tape to make phrase appear to float over the butterfly.

For Love of Butterflies | Winged Inspiration |

OK...speaking of SBC Fest, this sweet tag was also inspired from Vicki Boutin's class that was offered last fall. Are you feeling a theme here? Friends, allow me to digress for a bit...whenever someone shares their how of a thing, it always creates even more inspiration. This tag is like nothing what Vicki taught us to make in that class. Which makes me sort of giggle. When video processes are watched, the ideas they invoke are worth so much! Anyway. That is my shameless plug to watch all the things. But then to make! Please be sure to use that inspiration to make beautiful things.

TIP: use Pops of Color like a paint on a mixed media surface. Allow to dry very well. Then die cut the Pops into your favorite embellishment icon.

For Love of Butterflies | Winged Inspiration |

Lastly, I had crazy fun crafting this tag for a friend. You can find more of this idea right here at THIS video. But what a joy to take florals in patterns and metallics and solids. Arrange them in a paper bouquet. Then pop that butterfly right on top of it all. It brings you the maker so much happy, and it brings the receiver so much joy. Isn't it wonderful how butterflies and making is a win win? Win for our creative souls. And win for the making of pretty stuff.

TIP: Cut! Cut out your favorite die cuts and more in your favorite papers and patterns. Find a doable storage solution for them, and have them at the ready for your next making and paper crafting session.

Thank you for reading this today. This girl was just inspired by the butterflies, (and to be sure there will be more where this comes from) and that crazy deal at SBC, and the want to inspire you, dear reader, to the making. Have a wonderful day.


  1. So very beautiful 😍 Martha

    1. Thank you, Martha! You are a dear creative inspiration!