The One That Does Not Expire | Story No. 5



The One That Does Not Expire | Story No. 5 |

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There is a mantra you may or may not have heard me say. It's not original to me. As a matter of fact, I first heard Ali Edwards make this statement. And that is: our stories never expire.

Have you heard that one before?

For you see, it's true. Indeed, they never run out. They never expire. There is not a best of date on that packaging. At all. 

So what does that mean for us storytellers who also know what it means to stay present and be all in where ever we are? Well, it means, that we can come back and tell those stories at any time. At a later date.

As a matter of fact, somewhere in my scrolling I came across a soul who was finishing up her December documenting from 2021? I say, hoorah! Love that. That story teller completely gets it! They don't expire.

The One That Does Not Expire | Story No. 5 |

With that in mind, many things transpired in my heart that allowed me to practice this succinct reality. The week up to Christmas just always seems to be especially busy. Family was pouring in. Out of town guests were getting settled. Big family meals every night. Parties with all the frivolity. This girl was just sort of going with it all. Not making too many plans to try to get the photos printed and the story continuing in the 2023 album. 

Instead, setting it all aside, making sure my priorities were right, and trusting in the reality that the story I was living would be there to tell at another time when my home was not full of the holiday festivities.

So that's what I did.

And here we are. Days away from the end of the year. Am I stressing over getting the rest of the stories into that gorgeous velvet album? Nope. For stressing does not get them in there. 

Will I perhaps simplify the rest of the documenting up to the 25th? Maybe. Because another of our oft said mantras here is: something is better than nothing.

And oh...what if I don't get it done until next November?

Well, I am going to make the decision that that is OK too.

Is it preferred? Nah. Not necessarily. But is it OK? ah. Yes. It will be OK.

In the mean time I will tell you what: it is my hope to log in here on my blog the stories that are in my book ready to share. (And to be sure those are already documented too on my YouTube channel.)

But more than that, to encourage you, if you are not where you want to be either, to be kind to yourself, and say OK to the not getting it all done (yet) when you think you should.

Because why? Because our stories never expire. That's why.

Find Story No. 5 in this video series here:

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