it's been a day of training and re-training. how many times does one have to lay out the rules to a pre-teener before he actually gets it? i mean come one. not like i am making it hard or anything. trying to establish trusts in ones life you would think would be motivation enough to do right. but when the trust is broken, and a consequence follows then you would think you would do what is necessary to gain the trust back. but no...he absolutely then goes against specific guidelines set before him, and then the ugly lack of trust circle begins again. sigh. it's enough to make me laugh...hysterically!
on a lighter note...avery above is working a puzzle. i realized the other day that i have not been keeping up with the puzzles. we own all these wonderful toddler puzzles that she and gracie can blow through, but nothing beyond that...so i got a new one that was age appropriate. but then avery did not want to do it because it was not one that she picked up...ha! look who is doing most of it...the avery girl...and gracie came behind her and completed the rest. just thought it was funny.

attempting to add a link to gracie's tea party layout for her album. thought you might enjoy.

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  1. The Tea Party layout was adorable. I love the pic of Gracie in the middle looking sheepish...she is so beautiful. Your cake looked very tall - how many layers? You are so good with all of this stuff.

    Now if it was so easy to handle a tweener huh? It might get worse before it gets better. He is struggling physically with hormones and the Devil uses all of that so much. Pray for God to give you guidance and grace not to kill the boy.

    Have you seen the software to let you puzzle your own pics on the PC? I think the kids would like that. Bob and Doris do that all the time. I got the software somewhere for them for $10 and they love it.

    Will try and take your challange on the So Cal blog thing.