you were dissappointed that i did not make the horse idea work for your circus night costume. as i was making the needed adjustments to your outfit, you seemed fine and made no remarks that this was not your costume of preference. but as we got you dressed, your upbeat attitude from the day started to fade. i thought you were going to cry after your face was painted. you would hardly even look at yourself in the mirror. then it came out you were afraid 'they' were going to laugh at you. that was your fear. i tried to help you see that you would actually make people smile, but your ears and heart did not hear that. i was surprised we got any phots out of you with any good face. so, we made it to photos and to the church without any real tears. as people were arriving in their costumes, you became upbeat again. and of the third graders said to you: "you look like a friendly clown". you immediately ran to me and and asked if i heard what she said and then you said: "she didn't laugh at me!" you were all aglow with that one! yeah for you...a sweet, friendly clown face and a sweet, friendly little girl.

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