today, outside my window


Outside my window...cold, grey, windy…brrrrr!

I am thinking...way, way too many things.

I am thankful for...a quiet moment, surprises, upcoming getaways.

From the kitchen...thinking of making pumpkin bread.

I am wearing...layers.

I am creating...lists for Christmas. Lots of things to make.

I am get out tonight on my own for awhile, I hope…the girl needs a reprieve.

I am reading...refractions: a journey of faith, art and culture~makoto fujimura

I am hoping...for some success.

I am girls ‘schooling’ together

Around the house...are several projects I am hoping to get to soon.

One of my favorite things...chai tea latte…waiting for me now.

A few plans for the rest of the week: gym day with the girls, movie night, birthday party for my niece, baking.

My favorite photo today: taken a few days ago, when it seemed all i was doing all the live long day was picking up broken pencils:: figuratively and literally.

Inspired by The Simple Woman's Daybook


i just found out i won this today from rhonna farrer and the {21} day challenge...yeah for me!

have a good one!


  1. I have seen these prompts somewhere before but forgot about them! I would love to make a page based on that, so thank you for the reminder :)
    And congrats on your win!

  2. Congrats on your win!! I just love that photo. You have to base a LO on it.

  3. Yippee!! Just stopped over and Rhona's blog and saw your name!! So excited for you - how fun and what an awesome reminder of your journey! Hope all is well with you! Miss ya

  4. I love those sharpened pencils...gorgeous. Congratulations on your award and have a happy weekend, xv.

  5. Hey Jamie,
    Just wanted to stop and congratulate you on the challenge and the win! I too won and am so excited! Hugs from Conroe, TX!

  6. Oh Jamie this is so exciting!
    CONGRATULATIONS on your win, you deserve it big time!
    and I too have loved these entries and would love to do something like's a wonderful way to get a peak inside your world!