inspire lovely


aren't these sweet?

the above eye candy is via art as life. blogged by debee. i discovered debee about a year ago now. she has a wonderfully unique style that is so often inspiring whether it be story telling or decorating or crocheting. last august i took a class from her called 'inspire lovely'. it was great fun with spray paint and watercolors, sequins and some of her exclusive digital designs. her shop over at etsy:: inspire lovely is open and with a brand new look. i invite you to meet her by way of her shop and her beautiful blog. oh! and she was featured in the fall issue of artful blogging by somerset studio.

that's been a storm of a week in this household. storm. that is my word for it. because storms usually pass over. they don't stay forever. and when they are gone, like a snow storm, they leave a beautiful blanket of white covering the earth with a new freshness. so i can ride the storm. it will pass over. and praying that i will be a better person for surviving it all.

speaking of praying...pray is my word for the year. i have yet to have a little time to share that one little word with you all. i hope to get some photos on here soon that will expound on that word. i am following ali edward's one little word class this year. i can't wait for feb 1 for the next installment. mean time...i need to go finish up my ideas for january.

have a fabulous weekend...and for those of you at cha...i'm only a little jealous.



  1. So excited to see what you do with your OLW!!

  2. Love checking out new stores on Etsy so I will run there right after I leave my comment :)

  3. you are so beautiful jamie
    so very inspiring and beautiful indeed :)