project life~ week 12 & 13


welcome to project life. week 12&13.

In my quest to set standards for myself that I am able to keep, I did a bit of modifying these past weeks to my projectLife pursuit.

It seems I am not the only one that hit a bit of a slump by the time week 12 rolled around. Seems us already busy moms were hit with Spring Break and Easter Vacations not to mention the Easter celebration itself. So, I know I stand in very good company as I found myself behind and feeling compelled to catch up.

So I opted for single page layouts for a single week.
It's what I did last year.
And frankly...I think I am still able to tell a fabulous story, even though I have limited myself to a single side.

I would be remiss to show that I did, however, include a 6x12 layout documenting a day of riding at the stables with dear friends. My girls love of these four legged creatures always requires me to show that event off in a bigger way. Plus, it was a fabulous way to utilize elements from the April WIPkit that was made for pL.

This is the second side...with lots of journaling.

And speaking of limiting myself...I also practiced the art, especially on the week13 side, of using products/papers/elements that were right there within my reach.
Using scraps if you will.
Limiting myself to what was right there in front of me. I do love that self-limitation.
I need to do that in other areas of my life...but that is another post.

Thank you for stopping in. Would love to hear from you.
now go. create.


  1. I am in awe that you can do this project at all, Jamie! I absolutely love the idea, and LOVE to see your pages. Every single time I see yours, I wish I was doing one, too.....but I get so overwhelmed at these types of projects....:)
    I think your single pages DO still tell a wonderful story. And your albums are so beautifully composed. Love the 6x12 you added for the stables. I always think it's fun to see the mix of different sized pages in an album.
    Glad you got your Northridge box..can you believe I still haven't got mine??

  2. I like to do single spreads on the slower weeks ... kind of consdenses all the excitement. lol. love your layouts!! they are very inspiring.

  3. Hi Jamie
    That is a good idea about using things within your reach and limiting yourself, I am sure it stretches the imagination and makes you use your creativity a lot more too! Lovely pages!

  4. Love Love what you did here Jamie!!!
    You do tell a marvelous story!!

    Thanks for sharing!