How To Slow Time | Scrapbooking


How To Slow Time | Scrapbooking |

 let me share just one way...

Slowing down. Do you think about this subject much? Or...ever? This is a subject currently top of mind. I know, crazy. It's the end of November, and I am thinking about slowing down. 

As crazy as that sounds, just hang with me a moment. I will unpack for you just how to do this. And you are gonna say at the end...oh yeah...I know that.

How To Slow Time | Scrapbooking |

So many of you that follow here or on the different social media channels that I post on are gracious to share with me a bit of insider into your lives. You share if you are ill. Or if you just got product. Or if you got time with your grand child. Or even what you did in your last creative session.

And while I do indeed appreciate hearing all that you share with me, the last one gets my attention the most.

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How To Slow Time | Scrapbooking |

The part about your most recent creative session. When you spent an evening stamping. Or when you took time to simply die cut to your hearts content. Because you know what that tells me? It tells me you are slowing down. Yep! You got it. See, you are doing it already.

The best answer to slowing down is a quiet moment of just making. That, my friends, is how to slow down. 

How To Slow Time | Scrapbooking |

Why am I writing this type post in the middle of an assortment of photos of a recent layout? Because this was me slowing down. But this is me also reminding myself to not be in a hurry when I am in the making. That is something I can tend to do. How about you? Do you hurry just to get it done? Are you task oriented like that? 

I can be. But I am learning to not be so much.

And those of you that love to take those creative sessions and cut out the things, the above new Bold Numbers was recently on my desk. I got tickled using it to mark my granddaughters birth month. That alone could maybe seize your heart that time is spinning a bit out of control. But that was just the thing: slowing my roll and making this page was a way for me to slow down. 

How To Slow Time | Scrapbooking |

Not only that, I made two more pages during that creative sesh. I will be sharing those soon. 

Then you know what happened? Joy. Joy. Joy. I get so excited and pleased with myself. A sense of satisfaction if you will. And you know why, right? Because the thing that I did, making a layout, not only slowed stopped time too! This photo will forever be in this girl's album for me to turn to any time in the future. 

Now just how powerful are we scrapbookers, I ask ya???

How To Slow Time | Scrapbooking |

As we round out the month of November and head into the busyness that can be December, my wish for you is that you too will learn how to slow time. It's a beautiful gift we have. A gift with a beautiful layout in our hand.

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